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    Re: how to change Thread

    Changing the title of the opening post only impacts the first post and original title. From that point forward if someone replies to your now changed post it'll reflect in the list as such. But if...
  2. Re: Recommendations for a great Jazz tenor guitar?

    This Gibson Es-175 Tenor (Used, 1954) at The Music Emporium right now is pretty cool. And very pricey.

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    Re: Astroturf Noise

    Was curious what kind of mandolin he plays but I believe this answers the question, and I think it's a Weber.

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    Re: Astroturf Noise

  5. Re: Question About Northfield Model M Tone
  6. Re: Question About Northfield Model M Tone
  7. Re: Question About Northfield Model M Tone

    This first video is labelled wrong. It's actually an M model and identified as such at The Mandolin Store

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    Re: Florian Klaus Rumpf Kickstarter

    Giving this another post. I'd really like to see Florian obtain his funding for this new recording. Only around $900 US remaining and he didn't request a lot. How about it mandolin community? The...
  9. Re: Article: Aaron Weinstein On His Mandolin Chord Melody System

    A quick note to observe the anniversary of the publication of this fine book this date 2015.
  10. Article: New Music from the Appalachian Mandolin Trio - Live in B

    You can view the page at
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    Re: David Benedict quit Mile Twelve

    His October 8 Instagram spelled it out. Worth sharing here. That and continuing to dwell on it while the new members are already playing gigs, I think, could be viewed as bad form. It was a healthy...
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    Re: China mandolin supply

    Eastman Mandolins are widely available from a lot of retailers right now. Certainly not up to what they were pre-pandemic, and retailers always want more, but it's not difficult to locate them, and...
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    Re: Strings for sore finger tips

    It's less about the kind of strings and more about their age and care. Strings not wiped down will be harder on fingertips than those that are clean. Wipe residue after each practice, each gig, even...
  14. Noting the anniversary of this interview. Wow,...

    Noting the anniversary of this interview. Wow, 87K views to date.
  15. Re: The best mandolins for your money...


    Google is famed for their ability to read text in images and turn it into metadata. That's not even new technology.

    For the record, I don't really care. I quoted it on purpose....
  16. Re: The best mandolins for your money...

    Congratulations. You did exactly what a site like that hopes for in their wildest dreams.
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    Re: Odd Issue With Uploading Images

    Much of what you're describing is impacted by your connectivity at the local level. Suggest you reboot and give your local provider time to work out any connectivity issues they may be experiencing.
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    Re: Bill Hamilton and Mid-Continent Music

    Bill was a constant in the early days of the internet on CoMando, then on the Cafe for years. Was really bitten by the music. Sort of lost track of him the past few years though remember seeing a few...
  19. Fond memories of the "Dawg Jazz" track. It was...

    Fond memories of the "Dawg Jazz" track. It was the opening riff on a late night progressive acoustic music show on Kansas Public Radio that ran for years, starting Sunday nights at 10:00 p.m. It's a...
  20. Article: Critically Acclaimed Dawg Jazz / Dawg Grass Re-Released

    You can view the page at
  21. Re: Stan Jay, Pioneer of Vintage Instrument Fame Fighting For His

    Noting the anniversary of this bit of news shared back in 2014. One of several times the Cafe has been quoted by the New York Times as a source of breaking news, all of them I believe by Bradley...
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    Re: John Goodin passing

    On behalf of the Mandolin Cafe our condolences to John's family and friends. We've probably emailed dozens of times the past few years and his illness was never mentioned. One of the great human...
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    Re: Loars at Carterís

    There's a lot flying under the radar that's selling so fast it's dizzying, or doesn't even appear anywhere. Music Emporium sold $22K worth in two Ellis Mandolins in a couple of hours yesterday that...
  24. Mile Twelve loses two members, gains two more

    David Benedict (mandolin) and Bronwyn Keith-Hynes (fiddle) just announced they're leaving Mile Twelve. Not particularly surprising. Bluegrass bands do this a lot. Suspect David and his wife Tabitha...
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    Re: Loars at Carterís

    Mandobar is right.

    Comparing guitar and mandolin markets is apples and oranges. The amount of money and interest in guitars by comparison is astronomical.
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