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    Re: best kids starter mando

    If guitar will be a good starter in using mandolin, I have some recommendations in guitar for kids. I saw how my little one got interested with string instruments so I thought of buying him a guitar...
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    Re: Headphones recommendations?

    I would recommend NOT getting expensive headphones JUST for guitar, but if you're planning on listening to music with them as well, check out HeadRoom: Stereo Headphones, Amps & DACs, Wireless, Noise...
  3. Re: Progress on my F Style made by Keith Edward Coleman

    That's very cool man!
  4. Re: Home recording set up for under $750 - how much ram?

    I know this post has not been commented for very long but I just want to share my opinion on this, or might be a suggestion for the specific laptop that you are looking for. Recently, my sister...
  5. Re: Recommend excellent songwriting apps for android tablet??

    Check Easyband Studio. Haven't tried but it says a good app.
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    Re: Backpack case recommendation?

    Most of the reviews I've read online agrees using Gator.
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