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  1. Re: Please recommend good under fretboard A style strap

    I went through the process of finding an A style strap about a year ago, specifically one to loop under the fingerboard extension. I landed on the Pinegrove MS50 and couldn't be happier. The website...
  2. Re: 2001 Flatiron Festival F - Add a radiused fretboard?

    Before you spend the money on changing the frets and the board, I would recommend playing a few other mandolins to get an idea of what your hand prefers.

    I had a Gibson era Flatiron for nearly a...
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    Re: Skip Kelly Mandolins?

    I've played a couple of Skip's mandolins and both were really good. He's also a really nice guy. I talked to him a couple weeks ago about building an A-5 but I have not yet pulled the trigger...
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    Re: 'The Loar' logo

    It's not an inlay. If you strip it you will loose the logo.

    I'm sure you will be very pleased with the new sound of your 520. Getting all that off helps tremendously.
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