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  1. Hmmm. And all along I though Mike Marshall owned...

    Hmmm. And all along I though Mike Marshall owned the company! Turns out (now that I bother to look it up) the company was founded by David Butler, a former AOL exec who got interested in music. Good...
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    Re: New Chris Thile album

    Similar response. And, freak coincidence, I also have been playing open back banjo for a couple of months with some help from Adam Hurt. I never got banjo before but clawhammer is very interesting.
  3. Re: Learning The Basics -vs- Being A Slave To The Basics

    Good thoughts. I've been playing scales around the circle of fourths and a series of major and minor arpeggios around the same circle of fourths (G to D) to start every morning -- using single,...
  4. Very nice! Downloading now. Would love to meet...

    Very nice! Downloading now. Would love to meet you, as a fellow Iowa mandolin enthusiast. Cheers!
  5. Impressive! Love this.

    Impressive! Love this.
  6. These two are insanely talented and disciplined....

    These two are insanely talented and disciplined. Preorder!
  7. Re: G. Tartini: Adagio Cantabile, Baroque mandolin quartet

    Downloaded. Thanks, Martin!
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    Re: Mandolin Orange is now Watchhouse

    I looked at this yesterday, didn’t comment, came back and looked again. I guess I’m just generally puzzled over the rationale for rebranding. I admire their music and body of recording and video work...
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    Re: My latest baroque mandolin

    Very cool. Will check out your site.
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    Re: Levon Helm

    Lovely man. His autobiography is well worth reading.
  11. Re: Article: The 19th Annual May Mandolin Festival

    Might want to change the title on this poster image to say “May” rather than “March.”
  12. Anything Joe does is worth a listen. Ordering and...

    Anything Joe does is worth a listen. Ordering and looking forward to.
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    Re: Pig Jicking?

    DUDDUD ... that’s the ticket for jigs. Ditto for gigues. DUDDUDDUD for slip jigs. Play the accent on the downbeat — ONE 2 3 FOUR 5 6 etc. This is dance music. Work in the triplets and ornaments...
  14. Re: Why did Gibson return to Paddleheads after Snakeheads?

    I'd always assumed -- 100% guessing, but it seemed "obvious" to me (which doesn't mean it actually is obvious) -- that the paddle heads look more like the headstocks on the guitars, and somebody just...
  15. Re: Aaron Weinstein's New Apitius yorkville mandolin

    Super cool. Thank you so much! I’m assuming that’s a floating pickup? Off to read more about this interesting mandolin ...
  16. Poll: Re: Poll for the Song a Week Social Group Week #543

    I would say there aren’t an infinitude of tunes, but apparently there are. Even so, I don’t see the harm in a repeat. To err is human...
  17. OK, ya got me. For about 20 seconds. Good one. : )

    OK, ya got me. For about 20 seconds. Good one. : )
  18. Hmm. Interesting actually. Surprised it hasn’t...

    Hmm. Interesting actually. Surprised it hasn’t been tried before. I second the five-string idea and raise it a cutout. I definitely would want to try one. It’s not a mandolin but I can see it...
  19. Looking for some insight into microtonal mandolin

    Flynn Cohen has a really interesting Mandolin Monday post today no doubt most have seen. Can somebody knowledgeable please explain what's going on with "microtonal" frets? It's a little like...
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    Re: latest Ludewig 2 point

    What a nice mandolin, Dale! Love the back flame. What frets did you use?
  21. Re: Old Time Mandolin Workshop with Caleb Klauder

    I "went" and really enjoyed it. And -- ha ha! -- I forgot I found out about it in the first place thanks to you, Jim Garber. I thought I saw you on the attendee list, as mentioned elsewhere. Doak!...
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    Re: Are travel mandolins worth it?

    I’ve tried that route but nothing really works out. To begin with, I like to play mandolins that sound good. Maybe that’s snobbish. To quote a well-known player who will remain anonymous, “In the...
  23. Re: What do you keep your picks and stuff in?

    Various Altoid mint tins. They come in pretty handy. There aren’t a lot of things that come in little tin boxes these days.
  24. Re: How has the mandolin changed your guitar playing?

    Ha ha! I agree with Don. I played guitar for years before getting a mandolin. Now I never get out the six string unless it’s for a multi-track project. I recently got a clawhammer banjo and I’m...
  25. Re: fun NPR desk concert, shows a nice Kimble and Gibson, and mor

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