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    Re: Estate Sale Bowlback

    Fancy model, lots of rosewood ribs, vine inlaid fretboard, mother-of-pearl binding and, as you say, lots of "bling." Carving on the neck heel is another high-end detail. I've not seen US-made...
  2. Re: Any musical stamp collectors out there?

    By the way, here's a ten-year-old thread discussing a possible Bill Monroe commemorative US stamp; Google finds more discussion of it around 2014, when supposedly there was a design for it. Guess it...
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    Re: Have I Been Scammed?

    A product offered at one-twentieth of the standard market price on eBay -- well, I'm sure there have been legitimate transactions, for a variety of reasons (ignorance, emergency, whatever) along...
  4. Re: Vintage photo of a Lyon & Healy mando cello

    Gee, apparently the Fairmont Creamery Old-Timers had both a "Shorty" and a "Slim" as members. Old-time radio days...
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    Re: Mandolin - Resonator by Republic

    You got one-a those??? Always wanted one...

    With regard to JeffD's post, the other type of resonator that has a less-brash, more musical sound, is a used Dobro mandolin with the spider bridge,...
  6. Re: Any musical stamp collectors out there?

    First time I saw Buffy Sainte-Marie was in 1963 or '64, at Club 47 in Cambridge. Mike Seeger was the featured performer (hey, stop me if you've heard this one!), and Joan Baez had a concert in...
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    Re: Old Gibson Mandolin

    Definitely looks like a refinish or overspray on the front; 'way too shiny for the vintage and the condition of the back.

    Wouldn't modify the Handel tuners; very valuable, and probably a good...
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    Re: Information on resonator mandolin

    An oddity. Jim S is correct in stating it appears to be a National-style biscuit-bridge instrument. The label doesn't make sense, in a way; according to the late Bob Brozman's authoritative book,...
  9. Re: Everything you wanted to know about the Irish bouzouki...

    Still swimming upstream, maintaining that "Irish bouzouki" is an oxymoron. Losing battle, but I still think long-necked OM's aren't really "bouzoukis," but, well, long-necked OM's. Greek et. al....
  10. Re: Spotted in Phoenix- a Parrot and early Orville

    Sadism and bad taste are universal human faults.
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    Re: Mandolin - Resonator by Republic

    Good luck with this one, J-Bear. Not too fond of the Asian clones of National resonator mandolins. I have one of the cloned originals, a 1930's Triolian, and while it's deafeningly loud, its larger...
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    Re: High Action Help!

    All the Ortega instruments I found on line had adjustable bridges. It's therefore possible to lower the string action by lowering the bridge saddle height.

    I would recommend that you contact Cafe...
  13. Re: Interesting F4 - Virzi but no trussrod

    Only if the capo is 1920's vintage, and hasn't been refinished. Or had any parts replaced.
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    Re: Total noob wanting to get a mandolin

    My "take" is that you can learn basics on nearly any mandolin by a recognized manufacturer (that includes Hohner, though they're not given many creds here on the Cafe), if it's properly set up. It...
  15. Re: Price increases coming soon or already here

    In this period of rising import prices and unreliable supply, think about buying used from a reliable local dealer. Used prices may be affected by inflation in the prices of new imports, but...
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    Re: Sanding for bass

    When you sanded for bass, how many didja catch?
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    Re: Looking for Information

    This 2006 thread says Docy was from Hungary, and lived in FL. European background could relate to the zero fret, perhaps...
  18. Re: Banjolin skin/head maintenance and button on resonator wanted

    I've a gut-strung banjo that most probably has its original c.1875 head. Just take care of it, don't over-tighten, watch where it wraps over the flesh hoop for tearing, try not to abrade it...
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    Re: Gibson 1930's A50 info please

    Word is Orville G considered the violin "the king of instruments," patterned his carved-top mandolins after the carved-top violin. Did not however incorporate a sound post -- makes sense since the...
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    Re: Help Idenify Bowlback Mandolin

    Enclosed tuners, lots of rosewood ribs in the bowl, extensive ornamentation. If it's from one of the "usual Chicago suspects," it was a higher-end model.
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    Re: Looking for Information

    Could it be a kit build?
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    Re: When you get injured...

    As I grope through my late 70's, I find the danger of falling continues to increase. I've taken several tumbles, luckily with nothing more than bruises and a bit of sprain in my right shoulder --...
  23. Re: Decided to expand from just guitar to mandolin

    If you want to spend between $600 and $1000 on a used instrument, keep checking the classified ads. Not too many good US-made used mandolins in that range any more, unfortunately. You've got a...
  24. Thread: Vinyl!

    by allenhopkins

    Re: Vinyl!

    I've got a maybe three hundred, which I'm not gonna catalog for ya -- sorry! Many collected by cruising "cut-out bins" back during the 1970's and '80's. Lotsa major label Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs,...
  25. Re: Warped top. How worried should I be about this?

    Which is great of Northfield, because many warranties don't cover "improper use or storage," which can be interpreted to include letting an instrument dry out.

    Warranties are basically set up to...
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