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  1. What should i'l buy to clean the neck and the frets?

    My english language is realy poor so, can gibson pump polish clean the frets and the neck or should buy something else? What means pump?
  2. How to change strings on mandolin with different headstock???

    I can't remember how to change strings on bowl-back suzuki m-30 mandolin. The headstock is different than most American mandolins. My grandpa told me when need to change mandolin string to twist the...
  3. Re: Bowl-back mandolin VS (what i'm called) "ukulele mandolin"

    Thank you! I can't find brand new mandolinettos. I 'll try to ask to organists. Why did the mandolinetto manufacture stops?
  4. Bowl-back mandolin VS (what i'm called) "ukulele mandolin"

    In the past, i bought a bowl-back mandolin because i wanted to come closer to my grandfather who played mandolin. Specifically something like ukulele-mandolin. I mean the body is from ukulele...
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