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    Re: Squirrel Hunters

    This version by I'm With Her is pretty great:
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    Re: Note of thanks to Baron Collins-Hill

    I second RodCH's sentiments. Baron's teaching style is clear and methodical, which provides a solid starting point for those of us who aren't able to tackle complex arrangements right off the bat....
  3. Re: Jessamyn's Reel-Thile Grace Notes and Crosspicking

    Yes--he's just using the G string as a drone note. If you subscribe to Joe K. Walsh's course on The Advancing Mandolinist on Peghead Nation, Joe gives a lesson on Jessamyn's Reel that is definitely...
  4. Re: Newbie with small hands, yes I'm a girl.

    I'm a girl with very short fingers, and the Eastman 305 worked very well for me as starter mandolin. Yes, there are some chords that are hard reaches for me on any mandolin, but I have figured out...
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