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  1. Sticky: Re: An invitation for members to use their real name

    Please change to Elizabeth Fox. Thank you!
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    Re: Free Waterloo Mandolin

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    Re: Squirrel Hunters

    This version by I'm With Her is pretty great:
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    Re: Note of thanks to Baron Collins-Hill

    I second RodCH's sentiments. Baron's teaching style is clear and methodical, which provides a solid starting point for those of us who aren't able to tackle complex arrangements right off the bat....
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    Re: Upgrade Eastman 305 to Kentucky KM-950

    I've never owned a Kentucky, so I can't comment on those, but I would recommend looking at a Collings MT. I upgraded from an Eastman MD 305 to a Collings MT, and I couldn't be happier. The feel of...
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    Re: Im With Her at 9:30 Club

    I've been following them from day one and saw their show in Atlanta the other night. Their quality of musicianship is outstanding, especially live. I've been blown away every time I see them perform.
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    Re: I hope I made the right decision... NMD

    I'm a very happy MT owner. I upgraded from an Eastman MD 305, which was a pretty spiffy little mandolin, but the MT is miles beyond that. It calls my name constantly, so I practice even more now than...
  8. Re: Recommendations for pro setup in Bham Alabama area

    Tell him I said he has to charge you this time. :-)
  9. Re: Recommendations for pro setup in Bham Alabama area

    It's about time you got serious! :-) Go see Herb at Fretted Instruments.
  10. Re: Jessamyn's Reel-Thile Grace Notes and Crosspicking

    Yes--he's just using the G string as a drone note. If you subscribe to Joe K. Walsh's course on The Advancing Mandolinist on Peghead Nation, Joe gives a lesson on Jessamyn's Reel that is definitely...
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    Re: Matt Flinner's On-Line Courses

    Hi Matt,

    I was also in your Fiddle Tune Harmony class. As a result, I have gotten so much more comfortable with arpeggios and scales, and things generally feel more natural and instinctive. While...
  12. Re: Collings MT and Weber Bitterroot F: newbie play test this wee

    You will love your Collings MT! I got mine last July, and I've barely put it down since. I love the tone and the brightness, and it has made me a much better player. Congrats on your purchase!
  13. Re: Newbie with small hands, yes I'm a girl.

    I'm a girl with very short fingers, and the Eastman 305 worked very well for me as starter mandolin. Yes, there are some chords that are hard reaches for me on any mandolin, but I have figured out...
  14. Re: Sarah Jarosz and Parker Millsap at the Levitt-Shell in Memphi

    I saw them in Birmingham on Sunday night and just have to echo the sentiment that Sarah Jarosz is the real deal. She and her band were a delight to hear. The quality of the music was amazing, as was...
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    Re: Punch Brothers show, Milwaukee

    I saw them in May, and they played a whole lot of their new material. I'd say go.
  16. Re: My wife told me to upgrade my junk Mandolin...

    I've played an Eastman 305 for the past three years, and I have loved it. I would vote for it any day amongst economically priced mandolins. That being said, I'm about to upgrade to a Collings MT...
  17. The Hops of Guldenberg - Punch Brothers

    Hi! This is my first post, although I've been lurking for at least a year. As a relatively green mandolin player, I've found a wealth of information here and am in awe at the amount of knowledge and...
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