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    Re: French Folk / Fiddle Tunes

    Merci Beaucoup!
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    Re: French Folk / Fiddle Tunes

    For Cajun French lyrics with a translation, this website is an excellent source:

    Try the search bar on the link to pull up individual songs. Lots of...
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    Re: French Folk / Fiddle Tunes

    Here is a link to the complete early recordings of Denus McGee:

    It’s an amazing album - the twin fiddle pieces...
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    Re: French Folk / Fiddle Tunes

    As a North American option, if you search for examples of the older, pre-accordian style of Cajun & Creole musicians in Louisiana, a lot of the songs and fiddle tunes came from France in their origin...
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    Re: Is my new mando trash?

    Make sure your tailpiece isn't touching/pressing down on the top of your mando. When that happens, it mutes the sound. You can loosen the strings and use a shoestring to pull/bend the metal upward...
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    Re: Playing slide mandolin

    I think you are in luck in terms of fretting the mandolin. Possibly some players use the thumb in certain instances to play chords, but as a general rule most players never use the thumb to fret...
  7. Re: Retranscription of Walls of Time - Ricky Skaggs's mandolin ki

    Thanks - it's good to know that it was not inconsistent with the way an accomplished mandolinist like Gilchrist approached this.

    I've been benefitting from the Amazing Slow Downer app - slowing...
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    Re: Why Mandolin?

    Sorry man, chicks dig the banjo. Or at keast, that's what I told my kids when I went through a phase of playing my dad's songs on the banjo (had to be banjo because he wrote them on the banjo). And...
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    Re: And just like that...

    Niles, that all makes sense to me. What gauges would you recommend for strings on a 19-inch scale?
  10. Re: Retranscription of Walls of Time - Ricky Skaggs's mandolin ki

    Here is a pdf with tablature formatting that is easier to follow.
  11. Retranscription of Walls of Time - Ricky Skaggs's mandolin kickof

    I've been obssessing a bit of Ricky Skaggs's intro to Walls of Time from his Ancient Tones album. The thing that always got me about this break is the mysterious sliding / droning sound. When I...
  12. Re: Help Finding Chris Thile Tab: Leading Off

    If you have Tabledit, there is a trancription based on Thile's arrangement on ...
  13. Re: Emando settings for ancient Digitech RP 200

    Thanks - I wasn't sure which effects to focus on tweaking first. This is very helpful.
  14. Re: Emando settings for ancient Digitech RP 200

    Thanks for responding - my amp is a Pignose transistor amp. It might be a reissue but it is the same in size and appearance as the original Pignose.
  15. Emando settings for ancient Digitech RP 200

    Years ago, I bought a Digitech RP 200 multi FX pedal to try out with an electric violin. It sounded like caca with a piezo pick up. Later, I started using my iPhone for pedal effects after I bought...
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    Re: Mini Tele Conversion to Five-String

    I have a mini Les Paul with a 19 inch fretboard. I'm thinking about setting it up for CGDAE - or maybe pitched lower with a capo to bing it to CGDAE. I tried to do this with a high B string once...
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    Re: Funk Mandolin - "Kiss" by Prince

    That was just awesome! Could you post your chord fingerings? I want to learn this.
  18. Re: Proper form for playing B major shape chords on mandolin

    That 4-1-2-2 form is used a lot. If you move it up a half fret - that would be the standard C chop form. But the secret is that most people only sound the G D and A strings when playing this chord....
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    Re: C G D A tuned electric mandolin

    Interesting - no buzz or floppiness in the C string, notwithstanding the shorter length of the mando neck? Did you have to enlarge the nut slot to fit the C string? I might want to try this if I...
  20. Re: string height - huge difference after using depth guage

    Agree - it's a tough balance. The guitar is a lot more forgiving but the mandolin is compact, so small imbalances have a huge impact.
  21. string height - huge difference after using depth guage

    I'm on a "figure out cheap solutions" kick so please humor me.

    After getting my backup mando just right, I had my nice mando sitting in its case unused for a while. I would get a trace of...
  22. How I upgraded a cheapo mandolin with minimal modifications.

    This is an update (if I recall correctly) to a post I once made about buying a cheapo manolin.

    I made a random impulse purchase of a cheap ($299) "The Loar" F-5 at some point (over a year ago),...
  23. Re: Sierra Hull's Turkey In The Straw Theme and others...

    Thanks for sharing your transcriptions - that was a nice thing to do. We are all all looking for constructive ways to redeem the time under social distancing restrictions, and learning new breaks...
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    Re: Cleaning Mold From Inside a Guitar?

    This is from a Hurricane Harvey flood victim who restored a flooded house and eradicated the spread of mold: try concobrium. It is a nontoxic salt that kills mold and prevents it from replicating.
  25. Re: Confirmed: Correct Tone-Gard size for “The Loar” LM-310F

    PS - just a few observations on the LM-310F itself. The neck and frets are terrific. The instrument was pitifully quiet, however, when I first received via mail. I realized after about a day that...
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