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    Re: NMD: 1988 Gibson F5L

    That’s a gorgeous mandolin. I’ve eyed a couple of those iced-tea bursts — and it’d be particularly nice for me, as the 1988 would be my birth-year model! If you ever feel like selling, keep me in...
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    Re: Old vs Old vs Old/New Quandary

    So, I had an Eastman 515 first, and I was lusting after an old Gibson. So I bought a 1913 Gibson A in horrible, unplayable condition to restore and keep.

    I now have two different great playing,...
  3. Re: Modern case options for teens Gibson A models

    I have my 1913 A in the lightweight gator. The fit and finish of the case leaves a little to be desired, but the fit of the instrument is stellar!
  4. Re: WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals...

    Related: A few months ago, my son warmed up some hide glue and drizzled it on a muffin, thinking it was the caramel sauce my wife had made the previous day.

    He only took one bite, but it wasn’t a...
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    Re: Finally Finished: Soliver #001

    Gorgeous! And it sounds just like a mandolin, too ;)

    Love that headstock veneer... reminds me of my own guitar #001. Can't wait to see the next one(s).
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    Re: Update From The Mandolin Store

    I was just thinking of making a thread for this topic. I’ve never met Dennis but he seems universally well-liked and I plan to submit a video for him. Now that TMS is just two hours away from me, I’d...
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    Re: Ebay - A model, lost cause?

    I may have overpaid for a basket case A, but it was a couple hundred less and in similarly bad condition. I could never sell for a break even price when you count labor, but it was valuable...
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    Re: Can you teach musicality?

    I think you can teach musicality, but I'm not sure it can be decoupled from technique. In other words, if you can't first play the notes, it doesn't matter how soulfully you pluck your strings or...
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    Re: Clown Barf picks available

    My wife surprised me with two of the X-Stiff large triangles for Father's Day. 1) She really knows her stuff, and 2) I like them a lot -- they feel and sound great and you can't beat the...
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    Re: Adding or replacing binding?

    I’ve got more than one vintage instrument with painted-on binding (and fret markers and “pickguard”). Not the worst thing, IMO — it’d certainly be one of a kind on a Gibson mandolin!
  11. Re: Article: Nate Lee To Release Wings of a Jetliner in June

    I haven’t! It was a difficult song to nail down on google — seems like a lot of people have a similarly titled song. I’ll check it out. Thanks for chiming in, and great album!
  12. Re: Article: Nate Lee To Release Wings of a Jetliner in June

    Agreed -- and the version of "Somewhere Far Away" is great! I've loved it since I heard it on The Salty Suites album (featuring mandolinist Scott Gates, for those are unfamiliar). Been rocking this...
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    Re: Blue chip picks


    Regarding the picks: No, for me, it is not worth it. I've tried several and they don't provide 10x the benefit of a Dunlop Primetone large triangle. I love trying new picks, and I'm not...
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    Re: 1912 Gibson A-1 that needs some love

    I revived a 1913 last year that arrived in slightly worse condition. It's no collector's piece but I love it. If I didn't have a million other things to do right now, I'd jump on this one...
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    Re: One Mandolin - forever...

    Probably the 1913 Gibson A that I brought back from the dead. The labor I have in it is easily double or triple its actual market value as a heavily restored & refinished mandolin, so for that reason...
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    Re: Sapele end block grain orientation?

    Thanks John -- I'll probably use the face grain then, as the depth is closer to my needed dimension. A few good strokes of a jack plane or a pass at the saw and I'll be there.

    And thanks Bill --...
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    Sapele end block grain orientation?

    Searched but couldn’t find a real comprehensive answer. I have a nice piece of 8/4 sapele and I’m wondering whether the “face” or the “edge” grain should be the gluing surface for the top and back...
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    Re: pick recommendation

    Sure, a thousand recommendations! But here are some general guidelines from me:
    Budget Dunlop Primetone large triangle. Cheap enough to lose, but good enough to end your search.

    Mid-range Wegen...
  19. Re: No mandolin content. Taylor Guitars story about sourcing wood

    The article says it (easy it to get lost in between the ads, etc.):

    “The new material, which Taylor is calling “Urban Ash,” is being sourced from Mexican Shamel Ash trees planted throughout...
  20. Re: Appendectomy: Trust Your Gut (some mandolin content)

    Yikes! Somehow mine hadn’t ruptured, despite waiting almost four days. Like I said, the pain never was really horrible... but I didn’t accept my first telemedicine diagnosis of a kidney stone. My...
  21. Appendectomy: Trust Your Gut (some mandolin content)

    Title says it. Went to the ER yesterday and had my appendix swiftly removed. Symptoms started Tuesday and never got that bad, to be honest. I’m glad I trusted my gut, despite my hesitation to visit a...
  22. Re: Has Anyone Received Stimulus Check? (Possible Mandolin Conten

    Mine went through this morning. Unfortunately there are no new mandolins in my future, but I can still browse the classifieds with interest.
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    Re: new top F hole repair

    I’m with John... I’ll be maybe the first in this thread to say that the existing repair doesn’t even look that bad. Sure, it’s not completely invisible, but if you had finished the instrument and...
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    Re: Elkhorn mango F-5 in the classifieds

    I said the same thing to my wife earlier. It’s a good thing I don’t have that kind of money squirreled away or I’d be buying myself a “shelter in place” present.
  25. Re: What if I removed the nitro finish from the sides of my mando

    I just had an older steel string with what sounds like a similar finish. I had to remove the pickguard and ended up removing the finish underneath — it was peeling off the wood in large, somewhat...
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