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    Re: Django in June 2018

    Hi Andy,

    I'm considering going this year but I'm wondering how well prepared one needs to be to have a good experience at DiJ. In addition to having some familiarity with the music (I know DiJ...
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    Re: Jazz tune of the month anyone?

    Fabulous Pete. Thanks for getting this going.
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    Re: Mikri Thalassa by Betty Beath

    Both Betty Beath's composition and Victor's description of the Kalymnian sponge divers are beautiful. It was wonderful to listen to the recording while reading Victor's lovely evocation of Crete.
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    Old Time Music Johnstown, PA

    Looking for mandolin, fiddle, bass, and guitar players in the Johnstown, PA area for old time jam and for a "for-fun" (nonpaying) gig in late August. All skill levels welcome.
  5. Re: Article: Mandolin Cafe Announces Launch of Banjo Cafe

    Funny day to launch a new website but that, I'm assuming, is the point--keep everyone guessing. I'm a member of Tony Trischka's School of Banjo over at ArtistWorks. I just provided the link to BC...
  6. Online Instruction for Classical Mandolin?

    Anyone know of any websites for studying classical mandolin online? I'm wondering if there are any equivalents to ArtistWorks or Peghead Nation, which cater to the bluegrass world, for the aspiring...
  7. Re: English Country Dance tunes (David M. Brown arrangements)

    Thanks for the ECD arrangements David and for the link to your videos Martin. I look forward to going through the arrangements. Next month I'll be joining an ECD group in Pittsburgh. Today I'm...
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    Re: Western PA pickers?

    Hi Jamking. Yes, I play mostly clawhammer banjo these days, standard old time repertoire. I played mandolin for a long time, and have a very nice Kimble two-point, but a hand problem (focal...
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    Re: Western PA pickers?

    I live in Johnstown, but come into Pittsburgh often. I play mostly clawhammer banjo these days and old time music. Don't know if that suits you but, if so, I would be interested in jamming.
  10. Re: Saturday haiku contest to win a Cafe ball cap

    Engelmann's so sweet
    Adirondacks are a beast
    Quilted pool of bliss.
  11. Re: 97 Yr old Holocaust survivor and her mandolin

    Thanks for the heads-up on that Mike. I didn't see the discussion from yesterday. I should have looked more closely to see if the article had already appeared here.
  12. 97 Yr old Holocaust survivor and her mandolin

    There is a very nice story about 97 year old, mandolin-playing Holocaust survivor Emily Kessler in today's on-line version of the Jewish Daily Forward. The article describes her early life with...
  13. Re: Stan Jay, Pioneer of Vintage Instrument Fame Fighting For His

    Buying instruments from Stan and Hap in the early days of the Mandolin Brothers defined my late teens. Living in NY, I would often take the ferry to SI and to the apartment where Stan and Hap had...
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    Re: The Scottish Mandolinists

    Well played Kevin! Nigel's tunes are very well crafted and the Sobell sounds great. A few months ago you initiated a thread on Sobell mandolins and I wrote to say that I had just sold an early...
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    Re: Building ITM repertoire

    Hi Jim,

    One fun way to build repertoire for ITM would be to attend this summer's Catskills Irish Arts Week, July 13-19, in East Durham, NY. Accordion master...
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    Re: V-Picks Giveaway

    I'm always looking for the holy grail of picks. Thanks.
  17. Re: Stefan Sobell mandolins and other instruments

    I wrote to Stefan last night about his 5-string banjo-citterns. He said he's built about six over the years. Stefan writes that Martin Simpson has one and recorded a track with it on one of his...
  18. Re: Stefan Sobell mandolins and other instruments

    Here's a photo of my Sobell mandolin, which I purchased directly from Stefan back in 1976, also from Turf House in Steel. I believe this instrument was the first mandolin he sent to the United...
  19. Re: Ger Mandolin Orch - eleven mandolins onstage in Toronto tonig

    Hi Doug,

    I'm assuming the mandolin player on this live performance of Shalom Aleichem is Andy Statman. In addition to this YouTube video, Perlman and Statman play the song on Perlman's album A...
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    New Andy Statman Album

    I saw today on the Jewish Music list an announcement for a new Andy Statman album, due to be released Oct. 22, 2013. It's called Superstring Theory, on Shefa Records, and features the Andy Statman...
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    Re: Free V-Picks - Right Here

    I'm always looking for new picks and new sounds from my instrument. The quest for great tone never seems to end.
  22. Augusta 2013 Bluegrass Week Staff Performance

    Here's a video of a really fabulous performance of Frank Wakefield's tune New Camptown Races played by members of Augusta's 2013 Bluegrass Week staff. Jesse Brock and Alan Bibee are on mandolins and...
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    Re: What are some easy klezmer tunes?

    The best source that I know of is "Easy Klezmer Tunes: Classic Tunes from Eastern Europe Arranged for Beginners on All Instruments" by Stacy Phillips and published by Mel Bay in 2003. The book's...
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    Re: Live Mike Marshall

    I sent ArtistWorks the name of one of the Beatles tunes that Mike played and they sent me the discount code. Seems legit to me.
  25. Re: Anoushka Shankar - Indian music and Flamenco

    Wow, what a fabulous concert, such a breath of fresh air for me. Thanks for link Michael. They are all great musicians. In addition to Anoushkas's great musicianship, I loved the double reed...
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