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  1. Re: 1903 postacard showing how to not play a mandolin

    I believe this is that incredibly rare photo of Ms. El Kabong.

    For the younger and/or non United States based readers -
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    Re: Dr. Arm for Mandolin

    Doc Watson used a John Pearse arm rest on his guitars starting sometime in the 1980's.

    Earl's banjo had an arm rest on it.

    Quite a few fiddlers/violinists use not only a chin rest but a...
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    Re: Does my mandolin sound cheap???

    The main differences I'm hearing are you having newer strings and probably a less sophisticated recording setup. Now, even if you had the same setup, your mandolin would still sound different than...
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    Re: A4 serial number discrepancy ?

    The 1 you are reading may be excess ink from the FON stamp. Or maybe the instrument number of the batch. Spann's book has 2044 as a batch of A-4 mandolins from 1912. (page 67)
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    Re: Lakota mandolin straps

    The round braid I have gives or flexes slightly, but no stretch. The flat A style ones don't move at all. Really like them both.
  6. Re: 1935/36 Wards Fall/Winter Catalog Gibson made mandolins

    True. At one point the KM-11 models were about $150 and no one bothered with the KM-21 as they weren't considered worth owning at the time. And at that time most folks didn't know the difference...
  7. 1935/36 Wards Fall/Winter Catalog Gibson made mandolins

    Here are a couple of photos of pages 546 and 545 of the Wards Fall/Winter 1935/1936 catalog. Featuring the Wards 1610 (Kalamazoo KM-11) and Wards 1607 (Kalamazoo KM-21). Thanks to Paul Fox for...
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    Re: I Like This Pick... But What Is It?

    Looks like a casein pick from Charmed Life picks. Have a few from them. Nice picks.
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    Re: Compulsive purchase- Flatiron 1N

    Looking at the Crystal Forest plans, they look similar to the Army Navy style. Not sure if the Crystal Forest is deeper at 1.5 inches or not.
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    Re: Old vs Old vs Old/New Quandary

    Congrats! Those are both very nice looking mandolins. You made nice choices. And glad you were able to snag both the F models.
  11. Thread: Tonegards

    by Eric Platt

    Re: Tonegards

    Will have to admit, there is one mandolin where the Tone-Gard does not seem to help. That's my Kalamazoo. Have repeatedly experimented with it and while there may be a very slight addition to the low...
  12. Re: NMD Girouard Concert A5 (pictures and a video)

    Congrats! Definitely a great sounding instrument, Chuck. Also, nice arrangement on Over the Waterfall.
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    Re: New carbon fiber mandolin builder

    This one looks very interesting. Isn't this the builder that was asking about CF mandolins on the list a year or two ago? Depending on sound, would be interested as a vacation instrument and for gigs...
  14. Re: Why did Gibson return to Paddleheads after Snakeheads?

    Yes I do. Here is a quick snap I made this morning of my two Gibsons. The Jr. is 1929 and the Kalamazoo is 1935. The shoulders (area from the nut to the wide part of the headstock) is longer on the...
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    Re: New case from Northfield

    I have the older style - length wise, it's the same as a Weber case. And the weight doesn't seem any more than a Weber heavy duty case. What the Northfield has is tons of storage space. Besides all...
  16. Re: Why did Gibson return to Paddleheads after Snakeheads?

    One thing I just thought of last night while playing my Kalamazoo. We are forgetting that Gibson used regular mandolin necks for the off brands (Kalamazoo, Kel Kroyden, etc.). These appear to be...
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    Re: 80/20 Bronze Strings

    80/20 can work to give extra punch to an instrument. If you want that tone. My bandmate and mentor uses 80/20 on his Gibson A. Tried a set on my A Jr. and they didn't last long.

    That said, I'm...
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    Re: Rubner tuners on Eastman MD305?

    They do look nice. Also twice the price of Grover 309 tuners. At that point, am not sure they'd be the best choice for the OP.

    Thing is, and this has been brought up many times, the stock tuners...
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    Re: Hill Country Stringworkws

    As Jill said, there are website issues. Was stated on the Facebook page that new items will be for sale here in the classifieds as well as on Facebook.
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    Re: Rubner tuners on Eastman MD305?

    Another vote for changing out the stock tuners. Still don't regret putting Rubners on my Eastman MDO305 (octave version). But I agree that Grover 309 would work just as well.

    But also double...
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    Re: A lovely old 1907ish A4 .. but wait ...

    Wow. That main crack is huge. Am also worried that the neck heel is cracked through, too. That's going to take a lot of work to restore.
  22. Re: How to Keep a Headstock Tuner from Damaging Your Instrument

    Okay - that get's me to tell my favorite IntelliTouch story. I was an early adopter. During a jam not too long after, a very well known and respected musician saw it and asked if he could try it out....
  23. Re: Why did Gibson return to Paddleheads after Snakeheads?

    The intonation issue comes up from time to time. At one point there was an article in The Old Time Herald regarding this. Believe I linked to it years ago (although I can't quickly find it). It does...
  24. Thread: Nmd

    by Eric Platt

    Re: Nmd

    Congrats! Like John said, the Collings can easily be and last mandolin if you so choose. You will have a ton of fun getting to know it and being surprised at what a step up it really is. And I say...
  25. Re: Why did Gibson return to Paddleheads after Snakeheads?

    Per Paul Fox's book - Shipping totals 1935 to 1945

    Model A
    1935 - 0
    1936 - 2
    1937 - 1
    1938 - 0
    1941 - 2
    1942 - 1
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