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    Re: Another Stradolin Info Quest

    Nice looking Strad - how does it sound?
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    Re: A Four Clothespin Day

    Not quite what I expected! Glad I clicked the link!
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    Re: purchase for social distancing

    It's great when you can get in some appropriately-distanced picking these days!
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    Re: Hard Times Bluegrass Festival

    A dearth of festivals that may last into 2021. Wear a mask, wash your hands, physical distancing. Stay safe so that we can get this pandemic under control.
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    Re: Is this how it starts?

    Cool mandolin. I hadn't seen the "Stairway to Heaven" fingerboard extension before - looks like a keeper!
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    Re: Describe your MAS progression

    GMeyer: Some people have twice the fun. Guess I'd better start looking for a black topped mandolin to pair with my L00, and a National Style 1 guitar to pair with my National Style 1 mandolin. ...
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    Re: New (to me) Morris 2 point mandolin

    I love the look of a two-point! Congratulations!
  8. Re: Mandolin batch in the latest Skinner auction, incl. THREE Shu

    If I won one of those and didn't sell off one of the herd, I'd be up Schutt's Creek without a paddle when my wife finds out!
  9. Re: why are some chords for guitar not listed in chord books for

    I agree with Matt Bruno, but would simplify even more - go with mostly 3 note chords that provide the aural information needed to assign that chord. Especially when playing dominant chords all you...
  10. Re: Mandolin batch in the latest Skinner auction, incl. THREE Shu

    I'd hate to be three Schutts to the wind!
  11. Re: Campanella two-point (How to make an accent on due?)

    That is a sweet looking Dué. Of course I am a sucker for 2-points and love the violin styling and vibe of the Campenellas. Please report back after you've played the peanuts out of that one!
  12. Re: Free chord melody workshop...tomorrow...Aaron Weinstein

    That was a nice & relaxed session, Aaron. Thanks.
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    Re: Arm rest. Y or N?

    Arm rest in the summer keeps insect repellant or sunscreen off of you instrument, if you play outdoors. Or you could wear a "shooter's sleeve" that basketball players sometimes wear, but that can be...
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    Re: Describe your MAS progression

    Yes, MAS can result in just about exponential growth in cost, and worth every penny!
  15. Re: Talk me out of replacing an ABS nut with a bone nut

    The biggest difference in tone with a nut change is likely going to be on the open strings, and I do like bone better than Tusq or other plastics. A good set up will likely affect the tone of...
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    Re: New Buckeye “A” model

    Pictures or it didn't happen! Also sound file, if you can.
  17. Re: MAS: Remember, it's stronger than you and there ain't no vacc

    MAS never sleeps!
  18. Re: Larry Campbell "Shelter In Place Orchestra" - Gold Rush

    That mandolin player is great... and the fiddler, and banjer picker. And then the guitarist and bass player... wait - the same person. Some people have developed more talent than they need. Please...
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    Re: Stringwinder's for mando

    When my tuners are hard to turn, I just use a Vice-Grip :grin: (Just kidding). However, I know that's what Sam Bush used on Jethro's mandolin when one of the tuner buttons cracked and fell off.
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    Re: Tiny Moore Tuesday

    Mission to Moscow?
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    Re: Tiny Moore Tuesday

    Thank you Hayes - these are really informative!
  22. Re: New strap from Mandolin Straps of Montana

    A very nice looking strap that compliments your mandolin. No metal or plastic to harm your finish. Is the length adjustable?
  23. Re: How important is having the original hardshell case?

    The vintage Gibson cases for their A models (teens through 20s are my experience) are visually cool when in good condition, but I've always bought a modern case for when I was traveling on an...
  24. Re: How to Open a Vintage Guitar Store in Seven Easy Steps

    This was a fun read! Carters has been on my need to visit list for quite a while - thought I was going this spring, but not to be - covid Very nice people to deal with on the phone. Love surfing...
  25. Re: 1957 Fender Mandocaster Fingerboard Cleanup?

    Send it to me, I'd be glad to clean it!:grin:
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