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    Re: My mando sounds muted/dulled :-(

    Have you always used the “heaviest strings I can find”? Or were they put on when you had the set-up done?
    Does your set-up person have mando knowledge, or a guitar tech? With these little beasts,...
  2. Re: Gold Tone Mandocello - Breaking strings

    Local music store that ordered my Mandocello replaced them for me when they started breaking. Replaced them with chrome metal buttons that looks great on it. Have had no problems with strings...
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    Re: Tree planting

    Thanks for bringing this topic up John. I’m wanting to know what trees would be useful for instruments grown here in central Illinois. My brother took over our dad and mom’s place. He has 5 +/- acres...
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    Re: Post a picture of what's on your bench?

    I was there at that light house a few years ago. Bought some tickets to win one of the boats. The one that year was beautiful!!! Didn’t win it:crying:
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    Re: Do you name your instruments?

    Usually just call them by who made them since I don’t have duplicates in Mandos. Martin guitars are distinguished by “My Martin”, “The Little Martin” and “Leroy’s Martin”.(my wife inherited it from...
  6. Re: Bandolin by luthier Barros - what do you know?0

    No idea on the builder. But I like the sound of it too. Hopefully someone from Brazil or surrounding areas can give you a report on the builder.

    I do have a question. What’s the major identifier...
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    Re: Faraway Grandchild

    Love the tune Dagger. I cannot fathom what you all are going through that can’t hug or see your grandchild/children. See my 4 Grandblessings almost every day. Our daughter works in a hospital,...
  8. Re: on Reverb: When a scroll isn't a scroll, or is it?

    Looks like someone grabbed the “F” template for a full size guitar.
  9. Re: Does anyone else get "steps" from playing?

    Was in one of the Fitbit weekend challenges. Put it on my strumming hand. 3 services at Church with a before service practice. ;) Won the challenge that week:)
  10. Thread: Grommets

    by Rodney Riley

    Re: Grommets


    Shoelace works great. After neck was replaced and Weber refinished my Gallatin, the overtones was really noticeable. So the strip was a necessary addition.
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    Re: "Pointed" Question From A Beginner

    Another thing to consider. How tall is your foot stool? I just lift my heel, up on my toes, without a stool and neither point actually touches my legs. Maybe try stacking some books up at different...
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    Re: "Pointed" Question From A Beginner

    Mando I play in our church band is a Godin A-8. No points on it. A well rounded instrument... :whistling:
    Practice at home with my Weber F-style. And take my nylon stringed Boat Paddle M-style on...
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    Re: "Pointed" Question From A Beginner

    :)) Not necessarily. Not sure what the reasons for the points were in the original design of an "F" style mando. (whoever knows can jump in at any time) But they do function to help keep the neck at...
  14. Re: Required tools for building own fingerboards?

    Why is it declining. My dad turned 95 in January. He still makes a large garden, mows some of his yard (I do his second lot, orchard and around his 5 acre pasture.
    You could have 30 years of using...
  15. Re: Grand daughter is a Lefty - Help needed converting RH to LH

    Had a lady musician visiting our church music ministry leader one evening. Handed her my mando. She turned it upside down to play left handed (strung right handed for me of course) Her playing blew...
  16. Re: Just changed my strings. Need to replace leather string dampe

    The way I wrapped the leather shoestring on my Godin. ( was at band practice and stage lights changed. Actually kinda like the color) The ends are tucked back between the outside string sets.
  17. Re: Just changed my strings. Need to replace leather string dampe


    Like a heart.
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    Re: F style Ukulele ?

    [QUOTE=Jim Garber;1758788]Boat Paddle Ukes might come close. You can just convince him to do a scroll.

    The luthier changed his company name from “Boat Paddle Ukelele” to “Hoffman Lutherie” a few...
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    Re: Strap making question

    Fast, easy and have a strap by tonight. Flat strap.
    Fancy, done in a day or two. Split braid
    Unique, with a few practices making cheaper/ordinary leather ones. Round braided ( at least I think...
  20. Re: mando in $300 price range for Italian songs

    Find an old bowl back or flat back Mandolin. A great visual to go with the music. And most of them sell below the $300 range. My father-in-law’s Mayflower bowl back (or “tater bud” ) Mandolin would...
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    Re: 2019 Fantasma

    Beautiful... just beautiful! Would love to hear it in person.
  22. Re: A likely contentious opinion on electric mandolins
    Short explanation by Sierra, her reason for an electric
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    Re: Advice needed for this seam separation

    I’d find a good luthier close that has Mandolin experience. Not just a guitar repair tech. Letting it go could lead to that “one day”, when because of heat/cold/too humid/too dry and pow!!! :crying:
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    Re: Thanks To Lowe Vintage

    Pics.... or it didn’t happen. :)
  25. Re: Anyone near Camarillo want to make a few bucks?

    These would be interesting.
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