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    Re: Monel strings

    That's all I have been using for the last couple of years, really love them. You don't get that super bright jangly sound like the PB and the sound stays pretty consistent throughout the life. I will...
  2. found an old used copy on vinyl a while back but...

    found an old used copy on vinyl a while back but definitely getting these HD versions, very cool!
  3. Re: ArtistWorks discount - What do you think?

    I have been in Mike's class since 2017 and now also in Sierra's.
    There is a little bit of overlap on the tunes (the standards like Red Haired Boy, Old Joe Clark, Nine Pound Hammer, etc.) but of...
  4. Re: ArtistWorks discount - What do you think?

    Just a note to add that if you find a great discount code you can go ahead and add time to your subscription before it expires. My Mike Marshall membership was originally to expire in August one year...
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    Re: Northfield F style strap

    I believe so, that is how I got ahold of him. I recall there was a decent wait for a custom made strap with your name etc. on it but he happened to have this one plain that just needed holes so I...
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    Re: Northfield F style strap

    I picked up my strap from Ronnie Harrison who makes these for Northfield so it is identical minus their logo. I really like it. The workmanship is very good and I like the width on my shoulder. Since...
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    Re: Apollo Mike Marshall picks

    Agree with all that Keith had to say about it, nicely put.
    The feel on the thumb is very similar to a Blue Chip to me in that it is very smooth but almost sticks to the skin. I imagine it will get...
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    Re: Northfield FS vs Artist series

    Yea so there are also several versions of the Artist series. 2 bars, 5 bars, 4th gen (which I have and absolutely love!).

    Best advice is to try and play a few different ones if you can
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    Re: Apollo Mike Marshall picks

    I received mine yesterday and so far I am really loving it. To me it has all the things I like about the casein picks plus some of the characteristics of a Blue Chip thrown in. Great feel on the...
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    Re: Northfield 4th Gen F5

    Congrats! It's beautiful!

    I have 4th gen #21. I was impressed with it out of the box, but let me tell you, 8 months or so later and it is so much better believe it or not! The tone is just so full...
  11. Re: New Bela Fleck Album out - My Bluegrass Heart

    I just want to add mad respect to Michael Cleveland here. Not only did he learn and play these tunes on par with these other master musicians, but he did it without being able to see a chart to...
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    Re: Apollo Mike Marshall picks

    I ordered two on the assumption that I will love it lol.
    I have two Apollo casein picks that I really like, both with very different tone so it will be interesting to see how these compare.

  13. Re: Pickup for Northfield Octave - Big Twin?

    I had Northfield install a K&K pickup in my flat top octave when I purchased it. They just called it a Twin and I don't know enough about pickups to tell you any better than that.
    Shoot Derek an...
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    Re: Always use a strap? Even when seated?

    Having watched a lot of Mike's videos through Artist Works, one of his main points on the strap while sitting is that if he gets to feeling the groove and leans up out of position, that the mandolin...
  15. Re: Mandolin Tasting: Gibsons, Buckeye, Duff, Northfiled

    Well, I am proud of myself for picking the Loar as my favorite LOL!
    Like everyone has said, they are all great so there are no losers here. I do think it's important to note the years and that all...
  16. Re: Mandolin Tasting: Gibsons, Buckeye, Duff, Northfiled

    The suspense is killing me :)

    I've listened on an iPhone, ear buds and over ear headphones and I keep picking #2 every time. #3, #5, #1 are close behind.
  17. Re: Coming soon to an auction site near you!

    Close but no cigar for me :)
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    Re: The Brilliance of Dawg

    Dawg music is definitely alive and well! On my side of the country we had some great jams on those tunes over the last couple of years at Swannanoa and Alan Bibey camp. Rick Rorex is one guy that has...
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    Re: New Northfield A5 special coming my way

    congrats Rob, sounds like everything worked out well! Looking forward to hearing you pick it!
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    Re: New Mando... Hamlett Two-Point

    beautiful work, congrats! Would love to hear it
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    Re: ArtistWorks 5 Day Challenge?

    I will just chime in to say I haven't tried this challenge deal but I have never had trouble that wasn't quickly and easily resolved with using AW as a member with Mike Marshall and various other...
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    Re: New picks and pick noise

    It's hard to beat a Proplec 346 for me, especially for the cost of about $1 each. I used to use Blue Chips for a long time of various shapes and thickness for years. I recently picked up an Apollo...
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    Re: Nut Size on an Octave Mandolin

    My Northfield flat top octave is 1-13/32"

    Mike Marshall had an Austin Clark built:
    "The octave is an Austin Clark that I had built for Caterina with a slightly shorter scale length" but no...
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    Re: Kelley two-point mandolin

    Congrats Bill, glad you are loving it!
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    Re: Nugget Tailpiece on Flat-Top

    What I would do is still use the rubber grommets meant for muting the ringing behind the bridge and push them all the way down to the tailpiece. That usually did a good job of hiding the sharp edge...
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