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  1. Re: Tell Me About Playing Mandola Vs. Mandolin

    I'm hooked on the mandola for playing Irish session tunes, but I have retuned it D,A,E,B with a custom set of strings. It's an octave lower than the fiddles, but in the same range as the Irish flute....
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    Re: Bouzouki, OM, or Mandola?

    I recently bought a Weber Hyalite mandola (through the Mandolin Café classifieds) to play in Irish sessions. I was primarily looking for the high B, so common in Irish tunes, to be a bit more...
  3. Re: Breaking all the rules but.. it still sounds good..

    I have a 1918 Gibson A (it's either an A0 or an A Jr., I think). Frankly, it's a bit of a mess. The grain on the top is very uneven, and it was badly refinished before I bought it in 1976. The back...
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