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  1. Italian mazurka: "Amore follia" (1919)

    G. Caropresi (arr. Luigi Canoro): "Amore follia" - Mazurka
    Published in New York by O. Di Bella, 1919

    This is an Italian-American mazurka, written for the Italian dance band circuit of the...
  2. Re: Telemann: Concerto for 4 violins (TWV 40:201)

    Good job Martin !

    Here is my rather more 'mechanical' sequenced version of the whole concerto. I simply tanscribed it with no alteration other than the addition of tremolo (especially in the 3rd...
  3. Telemann: Concerto for 4 violins (TWV 40:201)

    Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767): Concerto 4 violini No. 1 (TWV 40:201)
    1. Largo e staccato

    This is the opening largo from Telemann's Concerto For 4 Violins in G Major, played on four...
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    Re: Making Practice Count

    One word: Focus.

    You have to spend as much of you practice time as you can manage practicing with a focused intensity to get the most out of your practice time.

    So don't just "warm up"...
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    Survival Mandolin Chords for Beginners

    I am teaching an Adult Ed class on how to play in a bluegrass jam. Some of the folks are a little overwhelmed when they see a full chart of chords and think they'll never learn enough of them to play...
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