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    Re: A / Am / A7 chords?

    Am and A major can be played the same way. Just hold down the G and the D string at the second fret. As thereís no third (either major or minor) it will fit in both. If you lift your top finger (the...
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    Re: Major chord arpeggios

    Itís also about learning your intervals. Certainly tone tone semitones Tom tone tone semi tone is useful.

    But 135. 351. 513 is also useful. Then you bring in minors, diminished, augmented, 9ths,...
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    Re: "tinny" A string?

    I was just about to say to check your nut. Put your ear next to it and play the string. Iíd you hear it coming from there thatís it. If not see if itís the bridge.

    When in doubt itís the nut....
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    Re: F5 with an OVAL hole?

    My epiphone mm40 l I think fits your bill. Theyíve been discontinued so they are being run out if you can get one.
  5. Re: Gender and age distribution of mando players

    Iíd look at it (and I donít agree with this) as the same two pieces of advice.

    John B says Ďcut the nut .0092 mm for better actioní

    Response - thanks man

    Jane b says Ďcut the nut 00.82 mm...
  6. Re: Just for fun and interest - favourite acoustic tones

    I probably wouldnít hire them for the same gig. But I love both their tones.
  7. Just for fun and interest - favourite acoustic tones

    Who has the best tones on their instrument? Who do you wish, or think, or would like to sound like more? Any acoustic instrument.

    Iíll start.

    Banjo - tony Trishka, Scott vestal

    Mandolin -...
  8. Re: Learn to play multiple instruments at once?

    Approach them as different instruments. Because they are. I wouldnít learn more than two at a time - get each one under your fingers. Ukulele is guitar from the fifth fret so once youíve got guitar...
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    Re: Newbie needs equipment advice

    You may get a better bang for your buck with an a Style. There is a long argument about whether the f has better or even different tone to an a, but when you’re starting out, I don’t think it...
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    Re: Ordering strings--any luck recently?

    Add me to the list of loyal strings and beyond customers
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    Re: How to build a solo?

    When you’re starting out., the pentatonic scale is very useful. G A B D and E are all very useful over a C chord - you have the third and the fifth. You have the sixth, which gives a lovely...
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    Re: How to build a solo?

    I might have missed it, but learn your intervals. Tak a song you know and just play 1 and 5 tones over it. Get used to that sound. Then 1 and 3. Then 1 and -4. You can then go to more exotic...
  13. Re: Once A Week Jethro Burns Mandolin Playing Discussion

    Toppermost is a fantastic site. Iíve written 35 articles- the other 820 are fantastic.
  14. Re: Once A Week Jethro Burns Mandolin Playing Discussion

    Hereís an interview I did with Don Stiernberg about jethro. Hope you enjoy.
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    Re: Why do you like the picks you like?

    I use v-picks. I prefer the thinner ones - 2.5 mm. I get a fuller rounder tone. In a pinch any thicker pick will work but I like the round edge.

    I dislike the tone thin picks give me. I also like...
  16. Re: Once A Week Jethro Burns Mandolin Playing Discussion

    Let me know.
  17. Re: Questions regarding what's the best Epiphone mm50e Mandolin C

    Epiphone make a vinyl Covered case, but I have a gator for f-#tyle that also fits.
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    Re: What do you use to lube your tuners?

    The tuners were tight on my epiphone. A little tiny bit of 3 in 1 applied with. A cotton bud freed them. They seem to have not attracted dirt. And I won’t do it till they tighten up again. 8
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    Re: Thoughts on String Gauges

    I use light strings on my guitar. But thatís mostly because I bend a lot. 009 - 42 on my hard tail. 010-46 on bigsby equipped.

    Mandolin I think I use the mediums. 11-48. I use the monel set from...
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    Re: Favourite effects for electrics.

    That’s a great idea. I have a boss harmonists and a tc nether. I’m going to try the nether on my mando today...

    I’m loving all the different rigs. Keep them coming!
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    Re: Are All Lloyd Loars Dropping In Price?

    Some months back I asked out of curiosity how many loars were for sale? And the answer came back about 15. So thatís about 8%. Which Iíd imagine is about true for any comparable commodity.

  22. Re: Brian May hospitalized after injuring buttocks in 'over-enthu

    As someone said on twitter ‘that’s not how you shred, brian'.

    And I hope he appreciated the spinAl tap references. I know he’s a fan.
  23. Re: Kudos to our administrators and moderators

    Possibly the best moderated site on the web. Always fair. Always helpful. Always clear. And the discussion flows. We ageee we disagree. We learn we teach. Sometimes all at once. You need great...
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    Re: tunes for electric mandolin

    I gig with the electric as much as they'll let me, which in Sydney is more than you think, but never exclusively - I wish I could.

    I have a four string.

    Firstly, the voicing are fine - it's...
  25. Re: "only known flat back epiphone mandolin made by the founder"

    I'm a bit surprised at the price: I'd have thought an original by Stathopoulous might have reached five or even ten thousand? But there you are... (it's still out of my range)
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