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    Re: The Best of times; the worst of times.

    Sorry to hear of your health issues -- we'll all be thinking of you and hoping for the best.
  2. Re: Gender and age distribution of mando players

    there's another disparity at play -- the number of people who answer questions, give advice, post questions or other media may simply skew to a personality type that may or may not be gender related....
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    Re: Looking for tips!

    that was fun -- nice job!

    I'd put a little air between your thumb and the neck -- i can't tell, but it does look like you're resting the mandolin's neck on the web between your thumb and index...
  4. Orville Gibson in sartorial splendor

    this popped up on a facebook post of an acquaintance. his comment was Orville Gibson, founder of Gibson Guitars, circa 1894.
    Also the original Glam Rocker!

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    Re: '50s Stradolin: solid or laminate?

    We're all friends here! let us know if you buy it. My strad is solid woods but they come all ways.
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    Re: New Birdseye oval hole

    That's a lovely instrument!
  7. I'm glad to hear that most of these folks are...

    I'm glad to hear that most of these folks are holding their own and hope that, when it's safe to do so, their shops will be filled with paying customers!
  8. Re: I have read other threads and i am still confused- newbie man

    I'll also point you to a Rogue (it's the house brand for Musician's Friend, if you're aren't aware of them) and Rob Meldrum. The rogue runs about $49, give or take, and rob's book is free. but you...
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    Re: Mandolins outside

    your finish may be sensitive to things like DEET and sun tan lotion, so be careful if you're using those sorts of products. and don't leave your case outside in the sun with the instrument inside it....
  10. Thanks for this -- music and musicians really do...

    Thanks for this -- music and musicians really do hold the world together!
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    Re: How Do I Start and Run A Session?

    Well, i don't know if this is what you're looking for, but my group has done a beginning session for about 35 years or so and it has created some musicians who have gone on to bigger and better...
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    Re: I Miss Playing Live!

    My-husband-the-guitar-player and I have a couple groups we play with weekly and once a month and found it really weird to miss sessions we've played at for 16 years or more. It makes the week feel...
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    Re: Musician Jokes

    here's a new one a friendly guitar player posted: Seattle just banned all live musical performances for 30 days! This cancels over 1,246 gigs affecting 320 working musicians with a total income loss...
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    Re: Having trouble picking in public

    It's an audience thing for me, too; i find that the more people I don't know in the audience, the better I play! People I know or people who I know are excellent players? I'm perfectly happy to hide...
  15. Re: Anybody planting trees? Share your stories!

    My husband's parents planted a pair of trees in their front yard when he and his brother were toddlers; one has died, the other is lovely and tall. We don't speculate on which tree was planted for...
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    Re: Why do people only sell the great ones?

    I have a couple sub-$500 instruments i'd love to get rid of, but the one time i attempted to sell them in the classifieds here, i got no bites. Frankly, the people on this board are, for the most...
  17. Re: How to approach practicing and improvement?

    I'll also add to see if you can play with someone else, preferably better than you are. I learned a ton of new tunes and pushed myself to master them because a person I play with had them down cold...
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    Re: Musician Jokes

    i have a lot of musician friends who find some of the best jokes. Here's another: "I started a band called 999 Megabytes. We still haven't got a gig."
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    Re: This Repurposing Thing Has Gone Too Far

    That flute lamp hurts me to look at. Unless you could detach it and play a bit on it...
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    A novel thought. Pay the Artist

    I found this interesting:
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    Re: Musician Jokes

    Just saw this, but i haven't looked through the string to see if it's already been posted, so apologies if it is:

    "My goldfish are named Major, Minor, Dorian, Lydian and Diminished. The only way I...
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    Re: A new A with mostly Australian timbers

    Lovely. Just lovely.
  23. Re: Playing with others of different skill levels

    I play with a beginner group once a week - most of them are "permanent" beginners who only seem to pick up their instruments when we get together, and as time has gone on, I've become the "go to" for...
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    Re: new (used) mandolin

    Rob Meldrum has an ebook on proper mandolin setup that he'll email to you if you ask. It will tell you what kind of setup you have on the mandolin(s) you own and what needs to be done (usually with a...
  25. Re: Sound: opinions sought on technique vs instrument, i.e. anti-

    The fact that you can hear the difference means you're ready to start comparison playing, whether you buy something or not.

    While technique plays a fairly large part in sound, I think once you get...
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