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  1. Re: Thomas Morley (1593): Canzonets To Three Voices

    Thomas Morley (1557-1602): "O Sleep Fond Fancy" & "Love Learns By Laughing First To Speak"
    From "Canzonets or Little Short Songs to Three Voyces" (1602)

    I have just made another recording of two...
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    Re: Fratelli Vinaccia 1898

    Yes, indeed. Same with my 1898 Giuseppe Vinaccia -- the little MOP piece got lost in the intervening decades, but I had it replaced when it was restored. See attached photo.

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    Re: Willie O' Winsbury

    While I can see where you're coming from, in this instance it may be justified to call it an "error" (or maybe a "fortuitous mistake"): Dave has already posted the reference for Andy Irvine trying to...
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    Re: Southern Italian Mandolin

    Hi Mick,

    Yes, John La Barbera has a set of lyrics in his book. Having recently found my copy again, I have just played "La Procidana" as well as "Cu ti lu dissi" and "Ricciulina" for the SAW...
  5. Re: Is there any reson to buy a waldzither if you have a mandola?

    Difficult to say. If you keep the original (open C) tuning of the waldzither, it's certainly a different experience than a mandola or octave mandolin. If tuned in fifths (or thereabouts), it's...
  6. Re: Bartok and Schubert Lieders .abc files (or vids)

    If you absolutely have to have ABC, I would suggest downloading MusicXML scores and converting them to ABC, e.g. using EasyABC:

    There are some...
  7. The Seconde Milanoise (Adrian Le Roy, 1568)

    Adrian Le Roy (c. 1520-1598): The Seconde Milanoise
    From: A Briefe and Easye Instrution to Learne the Tableture to Conducte and Dispose the Hande unto the Lute (1568; 2nd ed. 1574); English...
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    Two dances by J.S. Bach

    I've just been reunited with two mandolins I had given 15 years ago to my late mother. One of them is a vintage bowlback built in the De Meglio style, but with a label saying "Carlo Rinaldi". My...
  9. Re: Name that TUNE - please help! We're been stumped for years!

    I've just found this thread, and Bill & Scott's great video, when I searched for "Aly's Waltz" on the Cafe after recording the tune for the SAW group (link) -- if anybody is interested, there is a...
  10. Re: Ukrainian Tune #1 Waltz in Am staff notation w/ TAB

    Thanks, Jim -- that's a very nice recording. A transcription of "Vals Bandura" based on this Pawlo Humeniuk recording is also at the same site as linked by Andy earlier:
  11. Re: Ukrainian Tune #1 Waltz in Am staff notation w/ TAB

    Thanks, Mark. Yes, I also prefer "Waltz From Ravishka" among the two tunes I have recorded -- I think mainly because I have played it at a better tempo. For the other one, "Nevil'nyk", I think the...
  12. Re: Ukrainian Tune #1 Waltz in Am staff notation w/ TAB

    Thanks to David, Andy and Doug for those useful links. I have just recorded two of the tunes from the (great!) site posted by Andy:

    The first is Nevil'nyk, the tune transcribed by David and...
  13. Re: Starting into 3-string closed chords after 4 string open chor

    The big advantage of using closed-position three note chords is that they are moveable, so you really only need to learn very few chords shapes and know where on the fretboard the root is. ...
  14. Re: Shostakovich: Waltz No. 2, for mandolin quartet

    I've just come across a quite different setting of Shostakovich's waltz from the one I recorded in 2019. Intended for solo accordion but translating pretty well to solo mandolin with guitar...
  15. Re: Mandocello solo and duo recordings playlist

    Thoinot Arbeau: Branle des pois (Pease Branle)
    From Orchésographie, 1589
    Variations by Allan Alexander, from "Music For Renaissance Faires"

    This is a very short renaissance dance tune, for which...
  16. The Good Ship Planet, Irish air on Vintage Viaten tenor guitar

    I haven't done a recording with tenor guitar lead for a while, so here is a new one.

    "The Good Ship Planet" is a traditional Irish air in jig time appears in O'Neill's "Music Of Ireland", where it...
  17. Re: Intermezzo (from "Cavalleria Rusticana")

    Pietro Mascagni: Intermezzo, from "Cavalleria Rusticana" (1890)

    I've just recorded another version of this piece, based on the same quartet arrangement I used in 2015 but omitting the mandola part...
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    Re: Elizabethan Serenade (Ronald Binge)

    An update on this one: my 2015 version is a bit slow and a bit stiff. Here is a new one, reduced from the previous quartet arrangement to only the first mandolin and guitar parts (I'm playing the...
  19. Re: East Of Eden soundtrack (L. Rosenman), for mandolin orchestra

    I first recorded this classic movie theme back in 2014. My new recording uses the same arrangement, but is I think a considerable improvement in the playing as well as the recording and balance of...
  20. Re: Romantic lieder on mandolin and piano

    Thanks, Eugene and Zachary. Yes, I seem to remember Pietrapertosa doing collections of romantic songs, but then he put his name to a lot of things. These are fun to play, anyway, and it's...
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    Early Music for Christmas

    Here are a few 16th century Christmas tunes which I've recorded over the past few days:

    Nutmegs & Ginger (1595)

    This is a Christmas tune for six instruments for broken consort from the...
  22. Re: Romantic lieder on mandolin and piano

    Three more:

    César Franck (1822-1890): Panis Angelicus
    Piano accompaniment by Héctor Valls, used under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0.

    This well-known hymn was written in 1872...
  23. Romantic lieder on mandolin and piano

    One of the nice features of IMSLP is that it has the option of uploading backing tracks as well as musical scores, and there are at least two excellent pianists (Héctor Valls and Roman Richards) who...
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    Re: François Menichetti 's Soir De Fete

    It's one of the newly added tunes on the revamped version of the Nakano Archive site -- somewhat difficult to locate as it's a single page in a 98-page PDF of a combined scan of multiple loose sheets...
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    Re: Sonatina in G - Beethoven

    I have played a number of Andy's arrangements over the years, but have only this week had a look at this little Beethoven sonatina for the first time -- it's very nice on mandolin.

    For this...
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