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  1. Rec's for Mandolin Repair/Set-Up in the Woodstock NY area ?

    For that matter ...I'd be interested in hearing about any and all Mandolin related goings on in this part of the North Appalachian.
    Thanks in advance..
  2. 1 of the worlds foremost Luthers shares-all in extreme detail

    Ken Parker is a Luthier known to many for his uncompromising and innovative approach to the design and construction of archtop guitars.

    He has agreed to be the subject of a video series that...
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    Re: Rest in Peace - Byron Berline passes

    So sad to hear this....Just an all around exceptional human being... Condolences to his loved ones and the folks at the Double Stop...
    Here's a rare moment in the studio shared by Mark O'Connor......
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    Re: Martin with extra sound hole!

    When is a guitar also like a basket, and a chair, and a steak?
  5. Re: Ricky Skaggs receives Presidential Medal of the Arts.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention...lots of important info in there and good to know...
  6. Re: Choosing replacement tailpiece 1930s double bump Harmony--hel

    Thats a fine Harmony mandolin you have there... also known as a "Shutt" mandolin ... it was designed by Albert Shutt of Topeka Kansas for W.J.F. Schultz of the Harmony Company to be produced by same,...
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    Re: Chris Henry New Monroe Improvisation Course

    Some deep dish Monroe here from Chris w/ Mike Compton and David McLaughlin !!
    Git it while its hot..
  8. Info on Shutt mandolin+Guitar sold at Skinner Auction 7/14/20 ?
    Love to know if anybody has info on this auction.....
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    Re: We Lost John Prine.

    He's down by the green river where the air smells like snakes.... so sorry to lose you John..
  10. Re: I need some advice on getting my first big Mandolin:)

    like this one ...183213

    "THE TREE"
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    Re: Quite ill with a trach and a feeding tube

    Hang in there brother....take the Ratliff with you if you can, just in case you have a chance to pick a little..
    I think its fair to say mandolins have magical healing powers !!
    Circle back when...
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    Re: Lloyd Loar's Pick

    One might also expect that you are strumming your signed Loar with your own custom personally
    monogramed mandolin pick's ? something like one of these for instance.....
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    Re: ChordU.....this look intersting

    how's that go again about music .... 32 chords and the truth ..
    so far out of my depth .... its laughable ....
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    Re: ChordU.....this look intersting

    I just found ChordU a few days ago while searching chords for some Fats Waller + Django tunes and am finding it extremely useful for mandolin..
    It's not perfect....It doesn't always have the right...
  15. Re: Mike Compton+Norman Blake Live performance video Gallop t Geo

    or you can find em right here ..
  16. Re: Mike Compton+Norman Blake Live performance video Gallop t Geo

    could use a little help here w/ video link...por favor.. :(
  17. Mike Compton+Norman Blake Live performance video Gallop t Georgia

    A beautiful way to start the year ...

    and more good news hot off the cafe mimeograph machine.....
  18. Re: Article: Ten Essential Bill Monroe Features

    Thanks Scott ... did you come across any info about the Bluegrass Boys Interviews documentary that was to be released at the IBMA 2010 Monroe Centenial?
    seems like It had interviews with every...
  19. Thread: UPS rant

    by mandotool

    Re: UPS rant

    fscotte.....are you suggesting that a "GIFT" designation can be entered into the labels barcode when the label is created by the "shipper" ?
    or just have the shipper/Seller apply a handwritten note...
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    Calton case tip over fix

    I recently came into possession of a used Calton mandolin early copy from Austin Texas... Seemed to have an issue that i'm told was later fixed ..
    It would tip over like this when you...
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    Re: Monteleone style mandolin

    perhaps "Monteleone Inspired" would be a more appropriate description..
  22. Re: Frank Wakefield, Taylor Baker ..LIVE SHOW..

    Triple mandolins here on Golden Slippers.
  23. Frank Wakefield, Taylor Baker ..LIVE SHOW..

    Standout playing by everybody on the stage.
    21 videos from a live show in 2013 ...Frank Wakefield, Taylor Baker & Friends" CD Release Show....Posted recently? on the Video channel..
  24. Re: Loudness with Chris Thile CT 55 Bluechip pick?

    Sept 2008 Vintage ...first generation BC TAD60-3R ...almost 11 years of severe abuse and still going ...
  25. Re: Do you have a screw loose? are your buttons buzzing?

    Thanks Mike, i forgot to add the link...this may get you there more exactly..
    Or you can just order part#90895A001 over the phone... (609) 689-3000

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