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  1. Re: 1976 Gehrardt Green F5 Pictures

    So many comments and emotions about the color but nothing about the voice or playability; it seems like a lot of people forgot what the mandolin is actually for.

    It was the 1970s....the world...
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    Re: New Kelley A model violin style

    A+ Skip! I'd love to see that the next time you pass though Asheville.
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    Re: Tone wood Backs

    2005 Condino mandolin

    Douglas fir top, back, sides, blocks, & neck.

    99% recycled materials and parts; approx. $34 total cost to build....
  4. Re: Stupid(?) question re: resawing wood

    Much like building mandolins, the way to get good at to do a lot of resawing. Practice, practice, practice.

    Be very, very careful with your bandsaw lust....;)
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    Re: Beware EVOs

    I've seen the results described by the original post after a refret several times. Every one was due to piss poor fretwork rather than the choice of materials.

    I'll stick with evo for my personal...
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    Re: Removing the Florida extension

    When you get a look at a mandolin under computer analysis, there is a lot going on around the fingerboard extension area. I used to chop it off but would often wind up with an unexpected bikini line....
  7. Re: A-5 Jethro two-point.. what can you tell me about this?

    Mahogany neck?

    I had one of those pass through the shop a few years back- the top was 8+mm thick in the center!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The nitro was finish was also probably 1/16" thick, so not much tone...
  8. Re: Side bending. Is this worth saving?

    Throw it in the burn pile and start again. You are on day one....if you keep the "reuse it at any cost and fill the results with superglue and rat turds" mentality just so you can move on to do the...
  9. Re: ES Arch Top Guitar Octave Mandolin conversion

    Five minutes with a capo will answer all your scale questions better than a lifetime of internet surveys...
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    Re: Mandolins for 6k and under?

    I spoke with Olin a few weeks ago about an F5 that had been dropped and the top broke in half (not by me!!!). He no longer builds mandolins; he now owns and runs a commercial hemp farm....

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    Re: Waverly tuners

    Nicolo Alessi can also make you a nice set of tuning machines in any configuration you can dream up, like the snakewood buttons and hand engraved plates for this 1927....
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    Re: Gruhn's and/ Carter's?

    Walter Carter runs the best vintage shop in the country. You'll find him hanging out on the floor casually laughing and telling stories with customers who don't even know who he is; he cultivates...
  13. Re: TurboPlane, Safe-T-Planer - Powering through plate carving

    Even for giant upright bass maple backs, I don't use anything as aggressive or potentially dangerous as a Lancelot. Its just a little mandolin we're talking about; a small angle grinder with rough...
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    Re: Old Woodworking Machines

    Private message sent about the blade cover.

    The band saw is nice, but your mandocello video is fantastic! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many people try to overplay the instrument but your approach...
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    Re: Brazilian rosewood for mandolins?

    Condino Brazilian rosewood A5
  16. Re: Acoustic Image Upshot vs. Double Shot

    I've used almost everything that Acoustic Image makes, and most often gig with one of their 900 watt Focus heads and Acme B1 cabs. The upshot is ok, with a primary importance placed on small and...
  17. Re: Marking for Accurate Tuner Hole Placement

    Accurate tuning machine holes are incredibly important for mandolins and difficult to achieve.This simple, affordable tool is easily worth ten times the asking price:
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    Re: 2 way truss rod for a mandola

    Overkill and a massive weight compromise.

    A single action rod is two way if you simply install it, tighten a half turn, and then level the neck again before installing the fingerboard....
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    Re: Your Jeff Austin Memories

    Rest in peace Jeff.

    Thanks for all the good times. One day we'll get to hang in the big backstage in the sky again and play more octave mandolins together....

  20. Re: How to repair this broken head stock ?

    The best thing you will ever do for your repair business is learn to say,"No thank you...", and hand projects like this back to the customer immediately. If not, you might as well hand over $500 when...
  21. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    My dreams have come true!

    Christmas has come early and now all you crusty crusty get off my lawn whole lotta' nuthn' mandolin nerds will stop asking me to build $#!t brown 1923 Gibson F5 clones!...
  22. Re: ASIA Symposium 2019 mandolin building workshops

    'Had a fantastic week: learned a lot, met a ton of cool new friends, brought back some great tonewoods from the vendors at killer prices, played music every day for about six hours, saw great...
  23. Re: Post A picture of your favorite "A" model

  24. Re: Detailed plans for a dovetail neck joint jig

    My dovetail video from a few years ago:

    The goal is for everyone to make better mandolins, not get distracted with too...
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    Re: Question about glue

    I can glue an entire upright bass top to the rib assembly in one session using hot hide glue with no additional help and NOT adding eurea or any other weakening agent. If you are having difficulties...
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