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  1. Re: Kimble F Mandolin Lost in Los Angeles, February 15, 2016

    Great news! The mandolin was found today about a half mile from the owner's departure location in Santa Monica. It was run over. Thank goodness to the Calton case, the instrument was unharmed. Thank...
  2. Itzhak Pealman And John Denver Playing Bluegrass

    Pretty cool photo here that Mr. Pearlman captions as he & John Denver playing Bluegrass in 1981.

    Anybody have any idea what kind of mando John is playing?

  3. Re: Breedlove production moving to China -- Will Weber be next?

    Hey fellow mandolin warriors. To put fears to rest. There are no intensions of ever moving any part of Weber to China. We will remain a domestically built family of instruments.
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