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    Re: Do I need a brace under the bridge?

    A slight convex arch to your brace might be a real good idea, in fact. The string tension will flatten the top out.
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    Re: Do I need a brace under the bridge?

    Yes, your brace will be necessary to keep the top from collapsing.
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    Re: Speed neck recommendation

    Some use nothing at all. I have always used my concoction of equal parts pure tung oil, polyurethane varnish, and mineral spirits; applied several times over a week or so. First rubbed in with 400...
  4. Re: Grand daughter is a Lefty - Help needed converting RH to LH

    Speaking from the point of view of a left-handed person who plays in the so-called right handed manner, I'd ask you if she were interested in piano would you look for a left-handed one?
    Both hands...
  5. Re: Has anyone ever heard of Country Roads brand mandolins ?

    That's a name I haven't come across, but lots of identical instruments used to show up regularly with many different names on the headstock. Just depended on which importer ordered them. Japanese or...
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    Re: Satin-nickel plating?

    That's not correct. Plating, nickel or otherwise, just replicates the surface quality beneath. If you want high gloss, the metal must be highly polished before plating. If you want satin, the metal...
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    Re: How To File A Fret

    First make sure the 12th fret isn't loose. Tap on it with a small metal object. The frets should all make a clear "tink". If 12, especially at the end, makes a hollow "tunk" it's loose, and shouldn't...
  8. Re: How to fix a bowed neck on classical guitar or ukulele ?

    But it couldn't hurt, right?
    I can tell you that old celluloid can react dramatically to heat.
  9. Re: How to fix a bowed neck on classical guitar or ukulele ?

    If this is an inexpensive instrument you could try heat-straightening the neck. Basically you cook the neck and clamp it into a mild backbow until it cools. It may help to utter magic incantations...
  10. Thread: Harp guy?

    by Greg Mirken

    Re: Harp guy?

    Are we talking about a pedal harp or a lever [Irish type] instrument? It's crazy expensive to ship harps.
    What is your level of repair experience? I have done lots of work on Irish harps, and much...
  11. Re: Help!!! Sanding High Gloss Down to "Satin"

    Marty's advice is on point. Have a look at a Lowden guitar if you can. Their "satin" finish is achieved with steel wool, and is about as nice as you can achieve- it's very classy looking, in my...
  12. Re: Can we talk about tuning mechanisms for a sec?

    If you need to tune a string that's sharp, it is critical that you tune below the pitch you're aiming for and come up to it, so that the gear on the button shaft supports the string shaft. Hopefully...
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    Re: Best way to attach K&K pickups

    Any adhesive method other than CA will attenuate trebles to a greater or lesser degree [and volume too, probably]. I would rather have them there and roll off if needed. If those frequencies aren't...
  14. Re: do you hammer or press your frets-do you use glue?

    I have always tapped frets in. I've used several kinds of mallet over the years, but for the last decade or so I have used a dead-blow hammer that weighs 9 ounces. The maker is Lixie. It has a hard...
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    Re: Help Identifying an Issue

    Nobody can tell definitively from a photo. You can take some mild solvent like naphtha or mineral spirits and rub it into the area. Either will evaporate harmlessly and have no effect on the wood or...
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    Re: OK, let's talk about glues . . .

    I can add a bit of information about epoxies; specifically a limitation of any of the hardware-store versions [including JB Weld]. You actually need much less hardener than resin, but it's very...
  17. Re: StewMac Spray Lacquer over Rustoleum Spray Lacquer Problems

    Mixing brands is always risky, and it's prudent to test on scrap first. The Rustoleum product may not have actually been lacquer-based. It would be safe to use Stew-Mac black lacquer under their own...
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    Re: Can I fix this without removing the top?

    Good eye on catching the tailblock issue. In the last pic there does seem to be a small offset in the binding. If the tailblock is moving, that would explain why the top is displaced up relative to...
  19. Re: how to remove epoxy on the top sound board ?

    The owner has done a fine job of transforming that from an instrument to a decorator item or planter. There's no sensible way to undo that mess.
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    Re: Martin Tenor guitar saddle removal

    There is, indeed, no reason to remove the saddle. If you take material from the bottom, you will also shorten the saddle a bit, and it will no longer fill the full slot.
    You should first determine...
  21. Re: Left handed player with bridge and nut issues...

    Looks like a proprietary bridge shape. Try contacting Kala and see if they offer a lefty model, or if you can get an unslotted bridge from them. Or you could fill the existing slot and re-route the...
  22. Re: Just bought a 1928 Regal tenor guitar. Humidor before any rep

    No, a crack can never "seal back up" just with increased humidity. A loose crack you can see daylight through might close up tight, but it's still a crack, still needs to be glued, and an 8" top...
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    Re: Side pickup jack installation?

    What is the reason for avoiding drilling out the endblock?
    I would place it at about "5 o'clock" facing the front of the instrument if you play standing, and I would reinforce the side with a patch...
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    Re: Sprayed sunburst no mandolin content

    mtucker, I paid a visit to Collings about the time they were starting F mandolin production. I took a photo of the sunburst finish procedure, taped to the wall. They start with "purple black" around...
  25. Re: stabilize disintegrating teens Gibson finish?

    Yeah, 100 year old shellac becomes pretty much insoluble, in my experience. Careful French Polish work can help paste the loose bits down more securely. Anything you do will change the look somewhat,...
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