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    Gibson catalogs

    Found this site that has some cool older Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Catalogs from the Teens. My 1916 Gibson A was $25, and the Canvas case was $1.75 That's $588 in todays money. Enjoy!
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    stay at home banjolin concert

    Hi, folks.
    If you're not yet tired of stay-at-home concerts on the net during this Co-Vid 19 self-isolation, here's a good ragtime/blues show with plenty of banjolin by Minnie Heart. The concert was...
  3. Re: Gibson Ricky Skaggs Distressed Master Model - My New Mandolin

    To Brad's point above, here are two posts from Joe Vest who worked at Gibson alongside Charlie Derrington and Danny Roberts, among others, in developing and bringing to life the Distressed Master...
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    Pre 1900 SS Stewart Publications

    While looking for something else I ran across this page. Some history. More mandolin content towards 1900.
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    Re: New Mandola Day!

    Congratulations! Mandola’s are really cool! I bought an old Gibson a while back, without ever playing one. I thought it would be similar to a mandolin, just a little lower pitch. I was completely...
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    Re: Gibson F4

    A BIG thank you to everyone for the input and help :)
  7. Re: Working on tremelos. Good trick or am I cheating myself?

    Thank you for that link - That makes it SO much easier, I think I can finally get my tremolo technique now. I really think that accenting the first downstroke in a tremolo will help me keep track of...
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    Re: “Peacock Rag”

    Nice job! I like that tune!
  9. Re: My Classified ad is not working ??? Km-1000

    There are two warnings during the submission process stating You were being screened and that was the reason for the delay. Everyone that uses the classifieds has been screened, and we sometimes...
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    Re: Colorado Case Company status

    Cool story, Jim! Very happy my Gibson A3 sits inside one!

  11. Re: Mandolin Brothers Book of Vintage News/ Photos?

    Well I agree with all the thoughts expressed above, and would be a purchaser myself for sure. Regardless of all the great suggestions ref publishers, kick starting and the like, I would think the...
  12. Re: Mandolin Brothers Book of Vintage News/ Photos?

    I visited Mandolin Bros. once back in 2012 or 13 when researching The Mandolin and you father generously let me loose in the shop to take photos and document the mandolins. That kindness was a great...
  13. Re: Mandolin Brothers Book of Vintage News/ Photos?

    So happy to read so much positive feedback and good ideas! Okay so, I think we all agree a book is a good idea. To be perfectly honest about my intentions: My goal is to do something with the...
  14. Re: Snakehead Peghead Repair by Marc Glickman

    From pops1 - "...I would prefer to repair keeping the original peghead veneer." Understood 100% !. That's why i haven't swapped out the tailpieces on my Weber & Lebeda for a James t/piece each - to...
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    Re: Peterson Strobo Plus HD

    I have installed the metronome, and it is very full featured. I don't use half of what it does, but I have talked with the guys at Peterson and they are looking into adding a feature that I've been...
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    Re: Sweetened tuning

    A tuning is also called "temperament", a term derived from the latin "temperare", which means something like "to temper", "to milden", "to soften" and, if you will, "to sweeten". So "sweetened...
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    Re: Vintage Gibson Receipts.

    According to the Gibson shipping ledgers, this F-4 was indeed returned to the factory for repairs in 1947.

    It was subsequently returned to Mr. R.P. Dunn in a #371 case on September 9th, 1947.
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    Re: Vintage Gibson Receipts.

    Here is the sales receipt for my Gibson A-2. Sold in Chicago in Jan 1920, probably made 1919.
  19. Re: Tomastik Strings on a Loar F5 Grade Instrument?

    I have a friend who uses Thomastiks on his Prucha, a good-quality F-5. I haven't heard the instrument with D'addario's, so I don't know if it natually sounds like an old Gibson, but it sounds amazing...
  20. Re: Tomastik Strings on a Loar F5 Grade Instrument?

    Thomastic and D'Addario FT74 strings do require different compensation on the A string at the bridge. I use FT74 on all my mandolins except the Lyon and Healy reproductions where I use Thomastics,...
  21. Re: Tomastik Strings on a Loar F5 Grade Instrument?

    Hello Mark,

    I highly recommend you give them a try and let them settle in, as Larry (Mandobassman) recommends. I have tried lots of strings over the years and they are all I use anymore. I even...
  22. Re: Tomastik Strings on a Loar F5 Grade Instrument?

    If you do try the Thomastik strings, keep in mind that they will sound very different when their newly installed, as opposed to when it been on for a while. They take a couple weeks to break in, but...
  23. Re: Tomastik Strings on a Loar F5 Grade Instrument?

    Hi Mark - 'Which' brand of strings will bring out the best in 'your' mandolin,will most likley be different than the ones that bring out the best in the mandolins of others - or maybe not - you need...
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    Re: Flatty/Pancake Shootout?

    While I haven't tried all of the builders you've listed, I have owned five of them, most simultaneously and the rest consecutively. I started on a Mid-Missouri M0, spruce over mahogany, and found it...
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    Re: Restoring a Gibson Alrite

    Here is a video of me trying to play a tune on it (Hope the Hermit)
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