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  1. Re: For members that make a living in the music business

    Before the world was in "crisis mode" I managed to barely eke out a living from gigs, repair work, and eBay sales. So, if you can't hire a band, support your local repairman and/or buy something...
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    Re: New Bob Dylan

    Interesting lyrics. Supposedly recorded 8 years ago and never released. Oh yeah, it's a 17 minute song......

    Weird deadpan delivery with inflection on seemingly the wrong words, IMHO......but, I...
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    Re: Informal Poll

    I'm guessing most of the pros are using stuff they bought 30-40 years ago at 30-40 years ago prices........

    The new stuff they own was given to them through endorsing a signature model, etc...
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    Re: Informal Poll

    Well, I guess most anything can be justified..................John Edward's $900 haircuts come to mind........I'm thinking skip 11 haircuts, get a rubber band for your ponytail, and buy the...
  5. Re: I want to hear more about the story behind this one...

    Odd as it sounds, I've heard stories of bullet holes through guitars and cases MORE than once in my 55+ years of playing. Must be a common target for revenge. I've also heard wives/girlfriends...
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    Re: Neck fall away at 12th fret HELP?

    In a perfect world, the neck is straight and the strings follow the neck. Easily achieved with a new build.

    In the imperfect world of repair and especially vintage instruments -- while a straight...
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    Re: You picked a fine time Kenny

    Then there's the weird psychedelic "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)"
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    Re: Gibson Post Mortem

    I've worked at vintage guitar stores, guitar shows, and have done repairs forever and have heard a bunch in all price ranges......bottom line, a good guitar is one that sounds good. Sure, if money...
  9. Re: Why did Jimmy Martin prefer the sound of the F4 over the F5?

    I was going to be a smart aleck and say it was because he was a guitar player...................:cow:
  10. Re: I canít play mandolin -no, Iím telling you.

    Thank goodness for the internet and cable.......and instruments, favorite old movies, books, etc.

    Being realistic, we need to be entertained -- we can't expect to solve all the world's problems,...
  11. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    Sure, I get it. I was just making a point. My uncle is almost 90 years old and still is very proud of his engineering degree and injects it into conversation daily, although he has been retired for...
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    Re: Social Distancing

    I had my gig last Sat night at a bar. About 70 people max vs what should have been about twice that, but still fine. People were obviously staying home. Mostly, people in their 20's and 30's, a...
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    Re: Old Flatiron catalog scan

    I got a chuckle out of your calling a 1980 catalog "old!" I think I have socks older than that.......

    I remember when the late Fred Thompson was running for senate and someone called his second...
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    Re: Gigs Cancelled - Health and Safety

    My mother is 87 and when she was a child, she remembers her family being quarantined twice as a young girl, due to concern for whatever the current pox/virus was at that time. Big farm family with...
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    Re: Gigs Cancelled - Health and Safety

    Fortunately, my gig is still on for Saturday. I need da money!
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    Re: George Harrison's fretless guitar

    Years ago I read the back of a sitar album and it said Indian music used a 167 note scale, IIRC........

    I assume Harrison would be looking for those notes that are between the frets, considering...
  17. Re: Old photos - a hodgepodge of musicians - folkies +

    Great stuff, Mark! Makes me feel old, but that's OK.....:cool:
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    Re: Hypothetical Wierd Question ?

    Wow! What a nice looking mandolin.
  19. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    So, you would be suing because they sold you a great mandolin? (Derrington, Harvey, etc,....) :confused:
  20. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    Been discussed to death, but I just noticed while searching for a 50's Gibson ES-295 (a somewhat rare guitar only made from 1952-1958) on Google images that, yep, sure enough, our friends in China...
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    Re: Collings coversion

    Great work, Jacob! I'm thinking having "Pele" inlaid would limit resale potential should that situation ever arise........

    of course, so would having Bill, Tom, George, etc., on there.....
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    Re: The real glue strength

    I agree with Marty on drying time. Most bridge reglues can be strung up after the recommended 24 hours and will hold string tension fine on an acoustic guitar -- but I still give it a week --...
  23. Re: The Flatiron F-Festival in Mandolin Cafe Classifieds

    So the seller is either very optimistic or is overpriced by $2000+............Correct?
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    Re: The real glue strength

    FWIW, I'm a repairman, not a builder or an "artist" at all. For me, original Titebond works for 99% of what I do. To be honest, I'm not fast enough for hide glue. Original Titebond will give you...
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    Re: Why do people only sell the great ones?

    In my case, the reason for selling was usually financial -- between jobs, etc. -- and my instruments being the only thing of value I had at the time. Doing so got me through to the next phase of my...
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