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  1. Trio No 1 from 3 easy trios for 3 violins by F J Haydn

    This trio for 3 violins, transcribed for three mandolins.

    In four movements -

    Allegro molto
    Menuett & Trio
    Finale (Allegro molto)

    An Octave mandola or guitar can be used to replace...
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    Re: That International Rag - Irving Berlin

    OK Martin - I've emailed you.


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    That International Rag - Irving Berlin

    A ragtime song for voice and piano

    Arranged for mandolin quartet

    Score and parts on my website at
  4. Overture from 'King Arthur' by Henry Purcell (1659-1695)

    Overture to the semi-opera 'King Arthur' by Henry Purcell

    Arranged for mandolin orchestra

    In the form of Introduction and Fugue
  5. Melody for Violin and Piano - Albert, Prince Consort 1819-1862

    It is the 200th anniversary of the birth of both Queen Victoria and her husband, Albert the Prince Consort, this year.

    Both were music lovers and Albert wrote many short pieces - mainly songs.
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    Sway by Luis Demetrio

    My straightforward arrangement of this Latin Classic

    scored for 2 mandolins, 8ve Mandola and guitar with optional bass.

    part for alto mandola (CGDA) - same as 8ve mandola part -also included
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    London Mandolin Ensemble

    A programme of British Music, featuring the work of Eileen Pakenham

    Saturday 27th April 2019 - Please see the attached flyer
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    Re: All interval Tetra-chords et al

    atonalism is defined by Eric Morecambe's comment - "I'm playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order".
  9. Canon in D Minor by Alexander Scriabin (1883)

    A simple, pleasing short canon for piano, arranged for mandolin quartet.

    Score and parts available on my website at
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    Re: La Follia by A D Boden

    I'm happy to create alto and bass clef parts, so if you let me know which ones you want (email on my website) I'll do them with pleasure

    Look forward to meeting you in May

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    La Follia by A D Boden

    My attempt at using the well-known chord sequence/melody, scored for mandolin quartet. The first section is based on the sequence, but in C major, with the middle section closer to the 'original' in...
  12. Re: Lute Book Lullaby - William Ballet (17th Century)

    Please note - this is NOT my arrangement, but one for 4 part vocal ensemble by Geoffrey Shaw (1879-1943).

    It is such a simple yet beautiful arrangement that I didn't want to 'mess about' with it,...
  13. Re: Je ne fais plus by Gilles Mureau (c 1450 - 1512)

    Glad to be of service !

    Merry Christmas
  14. Je ne fais plus by Gilles Mureau (c 1450 - 1512)

    A simple, evocative chanson by the Medieval French composer, Gilles Mureau, transcribed for trio of 2 mandolins and 8ve mandola/guitar
  15. Lute Book Lullaby - William Ballet (17th Century)

    An easy, beautiful Christmas offering.

    This simple carol by 17th century English composer, William Ballet, adapted for mandolin quartet.
  16. Re: Canzona 9 - La Monteverde by Tarquinio Merula (1615)

    Many thanks to Martin Jonas for telling me how to post this video correctly.
  17. Canzona 9 - La Monteverde by Tarquinio Merula (1615)


    I have now got around to buying a hardware multitrack recorder, so this (above) is my 'Rough Rendition' of the Canzona recorded on 4 tracks using...
  18. Re: Solace - A Mexican Serenade by Scott Joplin (1909)

    Thanks to HonketyHank for the e-book .... very thorough and informative, though I think I'll leave my setup tasks to a qualified luthier.
    (my woodwork skills are to be marvelled at - for all the...
  19. Solace - A Mexican Serenade by Scott Joplin (1909)

    Ragtime played slooooow and gentle.

    Arranged for quartet of 2 mandolins, 8ve mandola and guitar.

    I have used the mandola mainly to emphasise the bass line. The piece could be played (with minor...
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    A Minor Dance - A D Boden 2018

    A straightforward little ditty, written for a Canadian friend who has recently taken up the cello and is finding it difficult to locate suitable music for her trio to play

    Scored for

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    March in G for 4 mandolins - A D Boden

    A straightforward (fairly repetitive) piece for 4 mandolins

    Score and parts available on my website

    Hope you enjoy...
  22. Trumpet Voluntary by John Stanley 1712-1786

    Trumpet Voluntary from 10 Voluntaries for Organ, Op 6 No 5 (1752) by this well-known English Organist and Composer of the 18th century. He was a contemporary of, and much admired by G F Handel
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    Little Fugue by A D Boden 2018

    I watched a short clip of 'The Munsters' which made me come over all chromatic.

    This little two-part fugue (Mandolin & 8ve Mandola/Guitar) is to be played at John Maw's 'Chocstock' barbeque on 1st...
  24. Re: Giacomo Sartori - Free scores in the Petrucci Library (IMSLP)

    Here's a sequenced rendering of Prime Rose, transcribed from the scores available on the IMSLP site (thanks Michael).

  25. Canzon a 4 by Giovanni Gabrieli (1553 - 1612)

    A canzona in 4 parts by the Italian composer, Gabrieli whose work represents the transition between the late Renaissance and Early Baroque.

    I have scored the piece for a quartet of 2 mandolins,...
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