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    Re: What's up with USPS?

    Have had some quirks here and there with receiving items in the past year. A book went from here to Chicago and back before delivery, and a friend who sent garlic from AZ watched it bounce between 3...
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    Re: Valuing a Gibson by Dr Lori

    Oh my. After watching it through (with mute on) sure looks to me like a late '20s Jr. The headstock logo appears more the painted silver "The Gibson" rather than the inlay. Although if someone...
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    Re: My KM 1050 vs other Mandos

    One other thing to remember - what you hear as a player isn't the same as what a listener hears. So maybe when you take it in for setup, have your person play the Kentucky and then your MK to you....
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    Re: My KM 1050 vs other Mandos

    Yes, the Kentucky has a much fuller tone than the other two. It's a significant change to my ears and I believe the Kentucky is worth keeping. Remember, your ears are used to your mandolins. Once you...
  5. Thread: Tonegards

    by Eric Platt

    Re: Tonegards

    Pretty much always have a tuner on the headstock when playing out these days. And haven't seen finish damage on any of my instruments with Tonegards. Now I have damaged the finish on an old...
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    Re: Collings Sampeling

    I can see that. Do like my MT with gloss top. But have played an MT2 that was incredible. That said, the best sounding Collings I've heard is a regular MF that was bought new and has been played...
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    Re: Would you sacrifice tone for playability?

    Depends on the instrument and use. For jams or purely acoustic performances then volume takes over. Will use medium strings and a Blue Chip pick for volume, volume, volume. It will also help me...
  8. Re: should I humidify old strad-o-lin mandolin?

    Agree. Humidfying won't hurt. Besides a room humidifier, will often put a Dampit in through the F hole on my Strad-O-Lin. It's the instrument I usually keep hanging on a hook next to where I sit....
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    Re: Case for Gibson Oval

    The Road Runner ABS case works. Use one for my 1929 A Jr. (with a Tone Gard).
  10. Thread: Tonegards

    by Eric Platt

    Re: Tonegards

    On most of mine it has made a positive difference. The only instrument where it didn't help has a plywood back.
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    Re: Friendly reminder

    Yup. Did a purchase after my wife thought the instrument sounded great in a room full of other acoustic instruments. Once we got home, she realized, not so much. It's still a good instrument, just...
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    Re: Altering Original Tempo

    There are tempo police. Folks that play a lot for dances will often criticize folks playing schottisches and hambos too fast. Then there are the contra players who think everything is too slow. (I'm...
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    Re: does this look right?

    Looks like it to me. Doesn't mean it is. But it could be. FWIW, my friend's 1909 A appears to have a grafted on headstock based on looking at the front at the correct angle. Appears to have come that...
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    NMD 1935 Gibson A50

    Thanks to list member William Smith, was able to snag a 1935 Gibson A50. This model and year has an elevated fingerboard and f holes. When he talks about the great sound these make, he's not kidding!...
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    Re: New case option

    Any idea if this would work for an old short neck Gibson A? There aren't a lot of reasonable options out there otherwise.
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    Re: String journey on a Collings MT

    Interesting. I've liked them on my MT. Seemed to take an edge off the treble. It's getting to be time to change them anyway, so might go a different route. Unless I just throw caution to the wind and...
  17. Re: PBS documentary on the history of Bluegrass

    Well, it did air on Twin Cities Public Television last night. Not a bad overview. Lots of good clips, although many folks that have been around will have seen them before. My only quibbles with it...
  18. Re: Electronic tuner: guide, or unquestionable authority?

    When I adjust by ear it's usually because my old Gibsons have some quirks. The unison might "beat" in tune. But fretting a high G on the E string reveals a slight pulse. At that point, will tune 1...
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    Re: Love the One You’re With

    Am really looking forward to trying things out there as we pass through town next month. Been many a year since I've been there. And, yes, a Nashville trip would be nice again some time. Haven't been...
  20. Re: Electronic tuner: guide, or unquestionable authority?

    Will try to get close with the tuner and then final adjustment by ear. Sometimes, as on the Eastman OM it might take a few minutes. Depending on the setting and/or band might have to touch it up...
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    Re: Vintage Gibson oval hole

    Want to point out that a deeper body in and of itself doesn't necessarily mean more bass response. My '41 Strad-O-Lin (1 15/16") is deeper than either the '10 A 1 3/4") or '29 A-Jr (1 13/16")....
  22. Re: Soliciting suggestions for my next mandolin (or not)

    Already have an OM. Just trying not to take 3 or more instruments to a gig (guitar, mando, OM).
  23. Re: Soliciting suggestions for my next mandolin (or not)

    What type of strings would you recommend? I went with the flatwounds because they have the most bass of any strings I've tried. This Collings is loud, and in a full band is fine. But just find myself...
  24. Soliciting suggestions for my next mandolin (or not)

    Don't really need something else. Been playing the Collings MT and both Gibson oval holes a lot. But - while I love the volume and just about everything else about the Collings, wouldn't mind more...
  25. Question about a Flatiron A model oval hole

    Was searching around and found this -

    Was this Nashville or off-shore? Don't want to get into the merits of either, but have never seen...
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