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  1. Re: A. Corelli (1710): Sarabande in E minor (Op. 5, No 8), with s

    I have just made a new recording of this lovely sarabande, this time with video and without the additional mandolin harmonies -- just a duet of mandolin and tenor guitar. It's a lot of fun to play!...
  2. Re: English Country Dance tunes (David M. Brown arrangements)

    Corelli's Maggot

    During the current lockdown, I've been revisiting a number of the tunes I recorded some years ago and which I have continued playing since then. As I'm a big fan of David's...
  3. Re: Minuet in D Minor (J.S. Bach), mandolin trio (with score)

    As part of my lockdown videos, I have re-recorded this Bach minuet last weekend, this time in a more live setting (filmed myself playing the melody, then overdubbed the accompaniment). Good fun to...
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    Re: Take Your Pick

    While I was recording a Bach minuet this weekend, I remembered that one of my Ebay bowlback purchases came with a small tin of old picks -- see attached photos.

    One of them is clearly a Ranieri...
  5. A Trip To Paris/Portsmouth (English country dances)

    A Trip To Paris (Walsh, 1711) - 0:00
    Portsmouth (Playford, 1701) - 1:30

    This is a set of two early 18th century English country dances, "A Trip To Paris" published by John Walsh in 1711, and...
  6. Purcell: Rondeau from Abdelazer Suite

    This is the famous Rondeau from Purcell's Abdelazer Suite, in an arrangement by Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni.

    I'm playing the piece on a vintage Italian bowlback mandolin, with accompaniment on...
  7. Re: Mazurka sentimentale (Carlo Munier, 1906)

    I am currently in the process of making new lockdown videos of some old favourites of mine. One of the tunes I've re-recorded is this Carlo Munier mazurka. For my new recording, I have first taken a...
  8. Re: Two German songs in honour of meadows

    Very nice Toomas! I remember singing "Spannenlanger Hansel" with my children when they were little -- it's one of those songs I learned from my own mother as a child. Here is the German Wikipedia...
  9. Re: Tin Pan Alley/Ragtime songs from Evelyn's Tunebook

    Following my initial home recordings of Evelyn's Tin Pan Alley arrangements last year, we have played them at almost every one of our weekly mandolin gatherings -- they're really great fun!

  10. Re: Duet No. 9 for mandolin & tenor guitar (G.G. Gastoldi, 1598)

    Thanks, Rob! I agree these renaissance duets are good fun -- there are quite a few of them, by different composers, but Gastoldi's are among the most satisfying. I also recorded Morley's "There Was...
  11. Duet No. 9 for mandolin & tenor guitar (G.G. Gastoldi, 1598)

    Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi (1549-1609): Il primo libro della musica a due voci (1598)
    Bicinium No. 9

    This is the ninth out of twenty duets for non-specified instruments, published by G.G. Gastoldi...
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    Re: Waldzither string guages

    I have two waldzithers, a 9-string and a 10-string. The 9-string has a slightly longer scale and I tune it GDAEA most of the time, but sometimes retune to FCGDA or GDAEB -- no restringing required. ...
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    Re: Ave Maria (Vavilov, attr. Caccini)

    Thanks, Rob. After uploading the new video, I changed my old video from 2014 to "private" in Youtube, which is why you saw that message. Ssjk managed to sneak in to watch it just before I changed,...
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    Re: Ave Maria (Vavilov, attr. Caccini)

    Further to my old 2014 recording in the original post above (which now sounds rather plodding to my ears), I have today revisited the Nakano arrangement of this piece as part of my current lockdown...
  15. Re: Latin, Klezmer and Eastern European sheet music site

    I have just revisited the tango "My Love" by Joseph Gioč (1890-1957), which I recorded back in 2014 from a lead sheet found at the site, as per my original post above. The site is...
  16. Re: Why do L&H Model A, B, & C owners use TI mittels and not star

    Hi Tim,

    I don't know where those gauges come from as TI don't print them on the packs. However, they do list string tensions at their official website:
  17. Poll: Re: Poll: do use use a bevel edge or round edge pick?

    For me, it depends on the instrument. On my bowlbacks, I use a rounded edge nylon pick (I don't think you can put a meaningful bevel on nylon) and on my Gibson and Mid-Mo I use a 1mm Wegen pick with...
  18. Re: Gender and age distribution of mando players

    The UK fits in a bit awkwardly in this as it's subject to heavy cultural influences from both continental Europe and the US (and influencing them, of course). As a broad brush, I'd say the classical...
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    Re: 40 Somre (Danish folk)

    Thanks, John! I've played a few schottische before, from Scotland and elsewhere, so I'm familiar with the rhythm. When I first learned it, I tried to get more syncopation and a strathspey/polka...
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    Re: 40 Somre (Danish folk)

    As part of my lockdown home recordings, I've been revisiting some old tunes. My earlier recordings of these were trial runs for the arrangements, before introducing them to our weekly group...
  21. Re: Louis Patenotte Mandolin in UK 1940s?

    Nice photos. The main difference between the one for sale in the UK (now sold) and the one featured in Fretboard Journal is that the latter used the Gelas system and that is the primary point of...
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    Re: Tono Hypodorico

    Very nice! We had a recent discussion thread about this piece and its composer, Athanasius Kircher, here:
  23. Re: Recordings of Mandolins as String Quartets

    Here are a few:
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    Re: Classical Mandola

    This isn't necessarily true. Though intended for a different repertoire and playing style (and usually different tunings), five course large-bodied instruments with a scale length around 600mm are...
  25. It Was A Lover And His Lass (Thomas Morley)

    Thomas Morley (1557-1602): "It Was A Lover And His Lass"
    Arranged for two instruments by Steven Hendricks

    This is one of only two surviving songs written for Shakespeare's plays during his...
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