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    Re: Mandolin to DADGAD

    It's certainly an option, but from my perspective as someone who has played guitar for almost 50 years, and currently play almost exclusively Irish and Scottish trad on a mix of guitar, mandolin, and...
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    Re: I don't like F styles. Anyone else?

    No kidding. Try joining a fiddle forum and start a discussion about whether that scroll at the end of the peg head is ridiculous and non-functional. :grin:

    The only thing that matters is if an...
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    Re: 7th fret: 3rd or 4th fingers?

    I'll slightly disagree about whether it's "wrong" or not, because unless you're supernaturally endowed with hand/wrist speed, it will always be faster to flick your 4th finger out to hit that high B...
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    Re: Practicing the swing feel for Irish music

    If you're planning on playing with other Irish trad musicians, beware of putting any "swing" in your reels. That's more of an OldTime thing, the John Hartford clip above is a prime example.

  5. Re: Favorite clip-on microphone for Irish bouzoukis

    I use a DPA 4099 clip-on mic on my octave mandolin, clipping it on when needed. It's wonderful, has very good feedback rejection. I have it mounted at the lower body facing the F-hole:

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    Re: Help with case color

    I picked a "cream" color for my Pegasus case order. I wanted something lighter in color not just for sun protection, which isn't much of an issue because I'm not likely to leave the case out in the...
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    Re: Can you teach musicality?

    I was in a local Irish trad band for a few years with a friend who is a very good violinist and teacher. Classically trained, he was the musical director of the Mantovani Orchestra in its last years...
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    Re: Thomastik-Infeld Strings

    I believe the TI "Stark" (Hard) strings at .011 - .034 gauge are considered more or less equivalent to D'Addario or GHS medium strings which run .011 - .040 gauge.

    I ran TI flatwound Starks on my...
  9. Re: Opinions about trading out a Weber Sage OM #1

    If part of what's driving your decision is a desire for a pickup, something you might consider as an alternative is a clip-on microphone for your current Weber.

    In my experience, that provides a...
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    Re: Damping vs. letting notes ring

    For fiddle tunes (all I play are Irish and Scottish trad tunes), I never damp with my right hand. I never damp with my left hand on the fast tunes like jigs and reels.

    On the slower tunes like...
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    Re: Describe your MAS progression

    I'm probably breaking some unwritten MAS rule here, but I'm still playing the first mandolin I bought, uh (counting on fingers and toes)... 13 years ago. A Lebeda Premium Plus F-style with a redwood...
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    Re: Leather Calton Case Cover

    I'm still scratching my head and wondering why you'd want to make a case that's already fairly heavy, even heavier. On the other hand, that might just be my age talking. When I was younger (much...
  13. Re: Practice Schedules for Multi-Instrumentalists

    I don't have any advice other than don't give up! It takes a while, actually a long while to get your embouchure together and feeling like you finally know what you're doing. Every flute player I've...
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    Re: How Do I Start and Run A Session?

    It sounds like you may have already decided on a format, but what stands out to me as someone who regularly attends Irish and mixed Irish/Scottish sessions is the mention of sheet music and music...
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    Re: I Hate Playing Chords

    Not necessarily. :)

    There are genres like Irish and Scottish traditional music, where the primary role of the mandolin is to play the melody, not chords. Harmonic backup is considered less...
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    Re: Peghead Nation vs OAIM for ITM Lessons

    Yes, I signed up for a few months just for the flute lessons. I already had the basics down, so I skipped to the more advanced lessons from Kevin Crawford and Niall Keegan. Those were still a bit...
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    Re: Hoffee vs new Calton vs Pegasus vs ?

    You would have to contact Sam and find out what the current schedule is. When I ordered mine, it depended on whether you were on the front or tail-end of the current batch of orders to the fiberglass...
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    Re: Hoffee vs new Calton vs Pegasus vs ?

    The Pegasus cases are as cool as they look, yes. They're all custom order for your preference of outside color and interior, either solid color or Tartan plaid. What I like the most about them is how...
  19. Thread: Compressor?

    by foldedpath

    Re: Compressor?

    Just a few observations from experience:

    Compressors are one of my favorite tools for bringing "forward" an instrument during the mixdown phase of a recording. It's also essential to mastering,...
  20. Re: O.M. neck length - short or long , pros and cons ?

    I think the conventional wisdom here is that longer scale = slightly better sustain, but not necessarily more volume. So much depends on the individual build, so there are no absolutes.

    FWIW, the...
  21. Re: New to playing Celtic music but I see its big locally

    Ditto what Whistler said above. Don't listen to just mandolin or tenor banjo players. You can pick up some ideas about technique that way, but there is really no established technique for playing...
  22. Re: “one announcement we're privy to that will rock the industry”

    If it's an active internal preamp (and the earlier Zeta mandolins had that, I think?), then it means a removable battery to power it. That's easy for an acoustic guitar, because you can replace the...
  23. Re: Here's why you are an amazing mandolin picker but still dumb

    I have met way too many IQ-challenged people who were amazing musicians, to ever think there was ever a correlation there. It ain't the same part of the brain that gets exercised.

    I'm not even...
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    Re: Accompanying a guitarists who tunes down

    Well, you've discovered one good strategy already, which is don't look at a guitar player's fretboard as a clue. ;)

    Speaking from the other side of the fence here as a guitar player, I used to...
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    Re: Again with the picks

    Well, sometimes and for some people, the One Pick to Rule Them All does actually work. :)

    I use the same Blue Chip TAD40-1R for my mandolin, my octave mandolin, and my steel string acoustic guitar...
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