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  1. Re: How do you clean dried CA glue out of fret slots?

    What about melting the glue out with a heated feeler gauge?
  2. Re: How do you clean dried CA glue out of fret slots?

    With one of these:

    Or make your own... just sand a hook shape into a .020" thick piece of steel...
  3. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    A company doesn't have to have a defensible legal right to IP (copyright, trademark, patents, trade secret) in order to threaten legal action. See the Intellectual Ventures vs. Carbonite case from a...
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    Re: Walmart mandolin

    Lol, I like how they took the jeans ad and just photoshopped the mandolin in... without bothering to get rid of the original ad's text, or pay attention to scale.

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    Re: Bridge sizes vs tone

    Several of my mandolins have CF saddles. It doesn't sound any different from what I can tell. I'm pretty sure it'll never break, though!

    CF is actually not particularly light, at twice the density...
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    Re: My first mandolin

    Better to make a functional instrument than a pretty wall hanger, like I have on several occasions. Nice work.
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    Re: Bridge sizes vs tone

    I think most builders would agree that you need these three things:

    - Sufficient stiffness (whatever that means)
    - Adequately fit bridge base (whatever that means)
    - Minimal mass (whatever that...
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    Re: What the heck just happened?

    In general, you should try to keep your shop at around the middle of the RH range in which the instrument will be used. I used to be pretty fastidious about keeping my shop at 40% RH. Now I try to...
  9. Re: Tuner that works for setting intonation?

    The PitchLab app (still available for free on iOS, no longer available on the Android store but available as an old version here: or from Amazon...
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    Re: kermin mandolin

    A Labraid Grand Concert, or something else by Brian Dean, is going to be the closest thing. The construction of the Grand Concert is similar, though it doesn't have the "chimneys" which connect the...
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    Re: binding channel cutting options

    They are called Torque Reaction Arms. You can go onto and get the bearings and a shaft for cheap. The commercial models are $700+ unless you find one as surplus.
    They do a lot more...
  12. Re: Cleaning Mold From Inside a Guitar?

    I would go with UV light, once it's dead, it's dead. There may still be some below the surface, but anything that would kill that would be bad for the glue joints or finishes.
  13. Re: Source for single Thomastik strings?

    I got some from JustStrings or Strings and Beyond at one point. Never again since the price for a set of A strings was about half the price of a full set. I'm not aware of a source for single...
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    Re: Storage: Case vs Hanging on the Wall

    Instruments I collect are in the case, in a closet. Instruments I play are on the wall .. otherwise, they don't get played. I have three rowdy kids and no Nerf gun or Airsoft battles have resulted in...
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    Re: Alternate cases for bowlbacks?

    If you don't care about it looking fancy, just find a box as Mike suggests. Then fill the void space inside with egg crate foam or similar, then a few bucks worth of nice looking fabric tucked down...
  16. Re: Non-mandolin question (electric guitar)

    My wife is a leatherworker.. I've wanted to do a leather-covered guitar. Yours is cool, too.
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    Re: Soft Picks ?

    Some of the Clayton picks are softer and give a warmer tone. The gold standard is the Wolle soft polymer pick from the German style.
  18. Re: Non-mandolin question (electric guitar)

    I just built a travel guitar with/for my son. It was a relatively quick, easy project, and a good way to introduce him to some lutherie principles. I agree that a Tele or Strat would be easiest. No...
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    Re: Mandolin sound changing over time

    Torrefaction isn't the same as aging, and it's not about moisture content. Moisture content equalizes pretty quickly, in a few months after the tree was standing. Then the wood is going to be...
  20. Re: how to get perfect compensation, tool perhaps?

    This should work just fine. Your bridge base will need to be pretty shallow since they're already over 1/2" tall. But if you can get the position and height correct, then your luthier can work off of...
  21. Re: help me out, how to do vibrato on a 4 string

    You can do this with string bending, it just takes practice, and is difficult to do for any more than two strings at a time. For a real operatic, continuous vibrato, you're right, either a tremolo or...
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    Re: Mandolin sound changing over time

    As evidence that the vast majority of musicians are delusional, I offer these links as evidence:
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    Re: cnc and or router pantograph

    I like how you can angle your spindle. I am planning to build something like that so I can do sanding on my machine. Then parts will come off without any tearout, which is a big problem in spruce.
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    Re: Eastman 515 V - wow

    It's their violin aging process. A lot of people would argue that violins don't look right until they've got a bit of a patina, and a lot of people would argue the same for mandolins, guitars, etc....
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    Re: Mandolin of unknown origin

    How does Jim Garber not already own this? :-)
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