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    Re: Mandolin case comparison (for A-models)

    It has raised pads at the mandolin’s three o’clock and nine o’clock. These pads are on the bottom and on the lid. There is also a pad on the lid above the neck block.

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    Mandolin case comparison (for A-models)

    So, over the years, Iíve had multiple cases and asked a lot of questions. However, those discussions often fall into things like: get a Travelite, Mike Marshall uses one for his Loar; if you care...
  3. Re: Suggestions requested for this array of desired attributes

    The MT's have gone up a bit in price nowadays, especially with a gloss top and a wide nut...might luck into one on the marketplace...
  4. Re: Does this guitar speed picking technique work for mando?

    I would also add that Irish trad doesn't really follow time signatures perfectly. Meaning that a jig isn't 6/8 with six equally spaced 8th notes with the first and fourth accented. When ITM gets...
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    Re: Info on a pick?

    Could be a Clayton Ultem teardrop. They start to look like that after a while.
  6. Re: Mandolin Tasting: Gibsons, Buckeye, Duff, Northfiled

    When I picked #6, I hoped it was the Northfield, because it’s only slightly north of my tax bracket. A ‘28 Fern…maybe I’ll have a productive consulting gig when I retire from teaching middle school.
  7. Re: Mandolin Tasting: Gibsons, Buckeye, Duff, Northfiled

    After a couple times through, I think #6 does it for me. But, I don’t know if it’s what I would pick if I was a bluegrass player. However, #6 seemed well balanced and had a bit of growl that I love...
  8. Re: Help me find a mando for my 10 yr old daughter

    Thanks for all the ideas. I got a line on a KM-276 (wide nut, radius fretboard). Plus the oval hole will fit in much better in the celtic circles.
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