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    Re: Improvising

    Wow …. You are on the right track. Ultimately improv is an effort to play what you hear in your head and to allow your brain and fingers to connect to the music without conscious thought. I often use...
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    Re: A model case for old Gibson

    Yeah the Eastman fiberglass case fits my A2Z..... no storage space in those cases. The Mandolin Store usually has one or two in stock. R/
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    Re: Anyone taking online lessons?

    Yes. An excellent way to have good instruction in your home. Figure to pay a dollar a minute. Emery Lester, Sharon Gilchrist, Andy Hatfield, are all excellent teachers I have had good experiences...
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    Re: Songwriting

    Are you asking about melody writing? Try recording your noodling to listen to "later". This will allow you to accumulate ideas. Lyrics writing is an entirely different skill set. When you have an...
  5. Re: Classically Trained, wanting to expand

    There is a great deal of good advice above. Fiddle tunes are the etudes, haytueds I name them, of OT and Grass pickin. Here's an idea for your practice of learning to jam along and pick .... tune...
  6. Re: Curt Mangan Monel medium string price increase?

    I just tried out a set of Monel alloy from Curt Mangan and D'Addario on the mandolin I play most. I don't care for the tone... too bright. And of course string choice depends on the instrument ,...
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    Re: Ideas for a mandolin, $500-1,000

    In that price range you are likely to get the best instrument for your dollars with either a Kentucky of Eastman mandolin. A model instruments require less handwork than F models and as such are...
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    Re: Getting mildew off a gig bag

    I would take it to the dry cleaners and see what they have to say. R/
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    Re: tone and picks vs strings

    Everything makes a difference to a greater or lesser degree. Strings , picks, technique, room, setup, taste, physical limitations … when you add them all together it is a significant statement. When...
  10. Re: Check this out: Dana Mohr Plays Huckleberry Hornpipe

    Fine playing … thanks for posting this. I hear shades of Dave Peters in his usage of arpeggios. R/
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    Re: Amplify my gibson f5 master model

    A quality diaphragm mic and a broad spectrum preamp will cover your bases. I don't know about that variety of amp I did a quick search and it appears to be a good choice. I have a Fishman that I have...
  12. Re: S. Bush: what slide / bottleneck does he use

    It appears to be a ceramic slide. R/
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    Re: Skype Instruction on West Coast?

    Stygobyte …. Emory Lester Sharon Gilchrist Andy Hadfield are all excellent mandolin teachers. Pete Martin has a large number of publications for sale on his site that are worth looking into. He also...
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    Re: Solo Performance Gear

    Yeah … it's really a question of how much money you want to invest. JBL and Fishman towers w/ bass module are really high quality units. Fishman and Roland make amps that may be a step up from your...
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    Re: Polishing Frets

    Yes Stewart MacDonald will have every tool you can imagine for polishing and re-crowning worn frets. If you have had your frets worked down twice it is time for a re-fret. Choose EVO alloy fret wire...
  16. Re: Would you sacrifice tone for playability?

    When the setup is perfect and I have the right pick for me I will go with .11's to assist my aging hands …… I do prefer the volume of the .115's but tonally they are very close in the Curt Mangan...
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    Re: Understanding double-stops...

    Playing closed position scales and starting with an index finger on the 1 or tonic allows you to reach any double stop based on a single octave. If you have a finger large enough a 1/5 can even be...
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    Re: A New Pick For Slick?

    Yeah with the dual courses and short length of string it can take some density and thickness of pick material to drive the strings. The thickness of the instruments top also makes a difference....
  19. Re: Tips for playing mandolin and electric slide... on the same s

    You certainly could set up a Tele or Strat up on a stand flat and play it overhand with a bar. Put strap locks on the mandolin. It is likely that you can pick up a lap steel with a P 90 ….. it may be...
  20. Re: I know that tune... um... how's it go again?

    One of my favorite musical hero stories involves Mark O'Conner Sam Bush Bela Fleck Tony Rice Mark Schatz and Jerry Douglas. One year at Merlefest this super group started in on Salt Creek and at the...
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    Re: G(I) chop to 3 or 4-finger D(V) chop?

    It is important to learn and use both three and four tone chord forms. There will be times when one form suits the music better than the other. It is as much about tone as speed and ease of...
  22. Re: I know that tune... um... how's it go again?

    Yeah …. The first melody line... sometimes all it takes it the correct kick off. And when you get down to it many of these songs are so similar that you can "cross pollinate" pieces and parts from...
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    Re: Top 5 Sam Bush tracks

    Brilliancy, Russian Rag, Sapporo, Reach, You Don't Knock ……. Enjoy … R/
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    Re: What has your mandolin been called?

    I recently played at a church and a very young fellow …. first or second grade came up to me after the set and said" I really like your little guitar". I thanked him, politely corrected him and...
  25. Re: Please help! Fixing my pick direction

    One teacher I had at a workshop recommended to never stop the down up down up motion. When you come to a quarter note or rest you don't make contact with any string but keep the dudududu going full...
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