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    Re: Adrian Gross - Maiden's Prayer

    Lovely version! Thanks to both of you!
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    Re: Heiden Artist Plus A model mandolin

    what a lovely thing! congrats!
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    Re: In search of a mandolin...

    I've never tried one, but the Silver Angels, I've heard, have a darker sound. They're beautiful instruments either way.
  4. Re: Skill Progression/Benchmarks, MAS and Instrument Upgrades

    I started with a bowlback which was perfectly fine until i put it away for 20 years and when i finally got back to it, the neck was too bent to keep the instrument in tune. Sigh. My next was a lovely...
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    Re: Hornpipe rhythm

    Lass on the Strand is another hornpipe that's loads of fun to play, lots of arpeggios. I was going to mention the difference between the bluegrass/old time hornpipe rhythm and that of ITM (or at...
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    Re: Vintage Bowlback ID

    in the last picture -- does the instrument also lack frets, at least up near the head? because if so, those need replaced, too, i'd think.
  7. Re: The sheer inexpressible delight of stumbling across a new tun

    OK, now i have to go back and actually learn Tullycrine and Galway Bay, which I've played but not memorized.
  8. Re: The sheer inexpressible delight of stumbling across a new tun

    Such a sprightly hornpipe! i can see why it caught your imagination!

    I'm a huge fan of hornpipes in almost any version. I think they absolutely suit the mandolin the way other tunes suit other...
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    The Gibson 1909 collection

    I'm sure this has been posted before, but it just showed up on a Facebook feed with a question about the "big instrument with all the strings" but I was too dazzled by the F-styles to pay much heed....
  10. Re: The sheer inexpressible delight of stumbling across a new tun

    Friend of mine gave us a book of old fiddle tunes that look to be from about the 1940s or older -- lots of waltzes and translations of opera themes -- that's a lot of fun to drag out when I tire of...
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    Re: Recent A model Mandolin

    pretty, pretty, pretty! really like what you've done.
  12. Re: What are, celtic-, bluegrass-, classical etc. mandolins?

    Also, some genres like specific techniques -- bluegrass likes the chop; celtic uses a lot of open strings and as much sustain as can be acquired so it sounds more like other typical ITM instruments...
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    Re: How to remember tunes?

    4 months. Sigh. I realized i could play tunes NOT from the music at something like 2 years after I started playing consistently. Now I can pick up a tune in about 12 hours, give or take (I picked up...
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    Re: Builder or Company

    I'd second what John said -- if you have specific ideas on what you want, i'd go with a custom builder. And while you may get a ready-made mandolin faster, the custom builder, I'd think, would...
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    Re: Suggestions on a beginner "set list"

    Comhaltas's Foinn seisuns books offer a lot of the old standards in a stripped down version and a lot of players use either the individual tunes or the sets to get started on their own list. Many of...
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    Re: R.I.P. Kip Carter...October 26, 2020

    Sorry to see this. Condolences to his family and friends.
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    Re: The Myth of Perfection

    I think perfection is a moving target, and not necessarily one that moves in a line from concept to finished instrument. I think personal preference enters into it, and context, and history and age...
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    Re: Mandolin recommendation for new player

    hey kenn -- welcome to our obsession!

    I know that if you live in the US, the ability to pick and choose from Loar, Kentucky and Eastman is merely one of interest and convenience, but if you don't...
  19. Re: Strategies for learning without teachers?

    Having a spouse who plays is a huge advantage to learning a new instrument. When I taught myself, I had a book, some eight years of formal music training and the experience of teaching myself and my...
  20. Re: Carbon Fiber Builder wants our input on a Carbon Fiber Mandol

    Tapping into Jeff Hindreth's thoughts -- how possible is it to offer different neck widths as an option? We get a lot of people moving to mandolin from guitar who want a wider neck, and then there...
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    Re: I don't like F styles. Anyone else?

    I've noticed the same thing with Fs, and I've handled some very lovely sounding high end ones. I have a terrible feeling that even a lovely sounding F would, eventually, be something i'd part with. I...
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    Re: Finally Finished: Soliver #001

    So nice! congrats!
  23. Re: Unexpected things/benefits about playing mandolin

    Probably the most unexpected was it gave me and the guy I was seeing something in common -- we'd sit around with a music book and play duets, he on chords (guitar) and me on melody. We've been...
  24. Re: Practicing the swing feel for Irish music

    Folded Path is aiming you in the right direction; from how i understand the question behind the question, it might be a more complex problem than simply looking for the correct dots that will...
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    Re: Why Mandolin?

    ha! Jim -- SCA is the Society for Creative Anachronism. SCA people live the middle ages not as they were but as they should have been. It's still around. The women dress up in long dresses, the guys...
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