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    Re: Dennis Vance receives double transplant

    continued wonderful news, thanks for keeping the extended family here updated!

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    new: Northfield neck rest!!!

    I'm getting one of each. I have similar wooden neck rests for guitar but they are too large for mandolin and just too wide/deep for electrics. I love this type of neck rest. if you've never used one,...
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    Re: more accurate clip on tuner than Snark?

    another vote for unitune and or a polytune-they do not eat battery life like some snarks do either. and thank you Sunburst, I learned a ton of info in that reply that I did not know, and all of it...
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    Re: Cafe User: Br1ck

    lol, that would get a bunch of us to sit up straight.
    I don't know the man other than his posts here, but from what I've gathered he was heavily into guitars before mandolin, such as I was, and...
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    New Northfield/Gilchrist tailpiece-Nice!
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    Re: Dennis Vance receives double transplant

    wonderful news to hear!
  7. Re: Happy Birthday Dennis Vance, hoping for a transplant

    Happy birthday to one of a kind!
    Dennis, daily and nightly prayers for your continued health and recovery.

    Bless you so much
  8. Re: Looking for Music Documentary Recommendations

    Bill Monroe-Father of Bluegrass music (anybody recommend this yet?)
  9. i think this would be such a cool tune to play on mandolin

    I know nothing about fiddle, but from what I've heard, the fingering is the same as mandolin??

    here is Cedric Watson playing Cochon De Lait alone, and then in a small group. I just think a...
  10. two nice, different flattop octaves from Northfield

    look very nice, and sound even better
    first up:
    Redwood top, Peruvian Walnut back, sides, and neck #36
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    Re: Looking For An F5 Gibson

    i'd post everything here in the Cafe classifieds, research a little and put a fair selling price and they might move quickly. another thought might be to find a shop selling a used F-5 and seeing if...
  12. Michael Daves: On Teaching Bluegrass Mandolin, Guitar, & Vocals

  13. Re: Request - Blue Rodeo "Hasn't Hit Me Yet"

    if you want someone to work out a lesson plan for you, check out mandomike, he will do tabs, sheet music, whatever you prefer, and teach it in a video for you. very reasonable prices as well.
  14. Re: Meet new duo The Foreign Landers - David and Tabitha Benedict

    amazing that a human, let alone two at the same time, can play something like that.
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    Re: Stew-mac prices

    thanks for the links, wow, that place has so much cool stuff, and I need bone blanks as I type.

    may be a crazy thought, but has anyone used dyed bone say for guitar nuts/saddles? might be a neat...
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    Re: Update From The Mandolin Store

    Dennis is simply "the best"!

    my thoughts and prayers are for 100% recovery and continued health henceforth.

    I have three mandolins in the house from TMS, all 3 simply superb and wonderful...
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    Re: String winder

    i found these this past winter, i gave away or sold all my other winders. they have a rubber like coating, ball bearings-super smooth, and the tip fits mandolin tuners perfect, and, the way its...
  18. Re: Mary Spender on the viola-interesting video

    Ahhh, spellcheck didn't like "danish".
  19. Re: Mary Spender on the viola-interesting video
  20. Re: Mary Spender on the viola-interesting video

    And with Dutch Pete at Andertons, another favorite place to watch, and another favorite guitarist

  21. Mary Spender on the viola-interesting video

    Not mandolin, but I thought the content might be interesting for everyone. I subscribe to Mary for 2 reasons, she does a lot of guitar related coverage , her videos are well made and interesting, and...
  22. nice comparison of two NF Big Mons-englemann vs Red spruce tops

    I have watched Derek play before, he has a smooth, clear, precise touch. Nice mandolins both, a person would be quite happy with either I think
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    Re: My mandolin got eaten by a Stratocaster.

    i stumbled into electric over this past winter. had never really had the itch for it, love acoustic instruments so much. but, i had a couple electrics for setups and i really enjoyed the whole time...
  24. Re: John Ramsey(ave guitars, formly Tejonstreet music) retiring

    i didnt ask Al, i just assumed he would be. i think they are downsizing some of the brands they are carrying. i saw a note on the site about a discount on the few Martins remaining and that brand is...
  25. Re: “Headin’ Home” album preorders available now!

    wow, the whole family, you folks are amazing!

    thanks for sharing the link

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