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    Re: Shop goodwill flatiron

    That Flatirons has the integrated fretboard into the top. the Nashville Flatirons had the raised fretboard independent of the top couple with no adjustable truss rod make it a little less desirable...
  2. Re: more accurate clip on tuner than Snark?

    I bought a Snark tuner on a Black Friday sale and hated it. I did not like the size, shape and they seem very fragile where the arm and tuner connect. the worst part was it was not accurate from the...
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    Re: $1000 Budget

    It appears new Ratliff Country Boy F5's are $2250

    There is a really nice used one for $1500 plus skipping, surprised someone has not bought it....
  4. Awesome, something a little different and...

    Awesome, something a little different and refreshing
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    Re: $1000 Budget

    Unless you happen onto a screaming deal you are looking at Eastman, Kentucky or The Loar instruments. You can get a very good mandolin from any of them. I lean more towards Kentucky but you may get a...
  6. Re: Ken Cartwright loses home in Oregon fires

    Very sorry to hear that anyone looses their home. The West is burning up.
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    Re: First song to learn on mandolin

    Here is a link to some great lessons - note the beginner stuff at the top

    Amazing Grace is something everyone knows and is pretty easy, also...
  8. Re: PRETTY Collings Custom MF FLAME looks like a real auction on

    That one is legit. It was for sale on Reverb for sure and I think it was listed here as well. You might notice he also has over a 1000 transactions all with positive reviews.
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    Re: Need mandolin recommendations a-style

    If you like the sound of that Collings MT you might look in that direction. But be aware that a player, strings and pick can dramatically effect/change the sound of a mandolin. I have a Collings MT-2...
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    Re: Newell mandolin

    Hank gave you a lot of good information. I owned a flat top Newell for a while. It was not you average flat top, it was fully bound and top quality woods and materials. Fit an finish were very good,...
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    Re: Elixir Mediums vs. D'Addario Mediums?

    I have used Elixirs and liked them, better than EJ74's. For wat ever reason they feel easier to play even though they are the same gage. They lasted a long time. As Pops mentioned the coating will...
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    Re: "Little Pine Siskin" with two mandos

    Awesome...I really like Reischman
  13. Re: What are your favorite albums featuring mandolin?

    Well if you like mandolin I can't see how you could not like John Reischman.
    - up in the woods
    - The Harmonic Tone Revealers - with John, Sharon Gilchrest and Scott Nygard
    - Matt Flinner Trio
  14. Awesome. I love small business stories. Rocky...

    Awesome. I love small business stories. Rocky start but hopefully things will get better as we get past these interesting times.
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    Re: Easiest Strings to Play?

    I like Elixir mandolin strings. Not sure what the difference is but the same gauged string feels like it has less tension and easier to play. I used the medium gauge but they make a light set as...
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    Re: Ebay - A model, lost cause?

    "It is in fair to good condition" - I would hate to see poor or rough condition
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    Re: Reverb announces increase in fees

    I has become a triple whammy from my way of thinking. It's not just 5% but another almost 3% for what ever payment method the buyer pays. They are a business and bottom line they are there to make...
  18. Re: sanding/scratching picks for better grip

    You may or not like them but you might try V-Picks. The do get kind of sticky after you hole them for a little bit. Also Primetone makes a pick with a grippy surface that a friend likes.
  19. Re: Replacing a Collings tailpiece with a James tailpiece

    So the holes line up between the Allen and James TP. How about the height? I tried to put a James on another mandolin and the mounting holes lined up the James sat really high. So I would have had to...
  20. Re: Flatiron Serial Number and Value? (Made in U.S.?)

    To much for a Chinese Flatiron. Usually see them listed in the $700-850 (?) range. For a grand you can find a better mandolin, especially if you are willing to buy an A style.
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    Re: Stringwinder's for mando

    Lyn Dudenbostel makes a really nice one as well. As close as most of us will come to owning one of his instruments.
  22. Re: The Guitarist ep2 is really about mandolins

    Awesome, thank you
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    Re: Tailpieces

    I have been fortunate to have had a mandolin with a James tailpiece for the past 1 1/2 years. They are expensive but really nice. Yesterday I changed the strings on a mandolin with the Allen TR2...
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    Re: Wintergrass 2020

    I think you mean 2021 as 2020 has happened already.
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    Re: Brilliancy Played On Mandolin

    Nice job and your Eastman sounds great.
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