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  1. Re: What strings are you currently playing?

    Currently EJ74 on all my mandolins but I plan coming back to flatwound on one of my Ibanez 513 which first came with TI.
  2. Re: To the multi instrumentalists: which instrument is your no. 1

    - If I am playing alone: guitar.
    - If I have to play sheet music: chromatic harmonica (I was teached to play classical music on it).
    - If I jam with a guitarist: mandolin.
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    Re: Flat top Mandocello?

    An Algerian mandole (the one with 1/2 tone frets, not the one with 1/4 tone frets), can also got the bill. It is basically a classical flat top and back mandocello and is tuned the same way.
  4. Re: What's Your Favorite Instrumental-Mandolin Album?

    Someone told about Grappelli and Grisman's live album which is high in my rating but the one that I would put on the top is the first Grisman Quintet's album.
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    Re: Lloyd Loar's Pick

    No, he got his magic from gryphon's shell picks.
  6. Re: Jethro Burns A 5 mandolin serial number

    Thank you folks !
  7. Re: Jethro Burns A 5 mandolin serial number

    I never heard of these strings. Are they bronze rounds ?
  8. Re: Happy 100th Birthday 1920 Martin Style A

    I am wondering how it sounds.
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    Re: Monel strings

    I am using Martin Retro monnels on my guitar (a luthier one with a very unique bracing) as they suit well to this instrument but have not tried on mandolin yet but I guess it should interesting on my...
  10. Re: Jethro Burns A 5 mandolin serial number

    Sorry for resurrecting this thread. Has anyone an idea of the kind of strings that Jethro used to play on Red ?
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    Re: Hiscox cases

    I have a second hand one which is great as long as the mandolin is a standard A or F shape. Playing mainly A-5 two-point copy, the axe is not hold tight in it but I am still confident with this case....
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