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    Read the CMSA Newsletter

    Just received via email, worth sharing for those of you not members, minus a few FAQs at end as it ran long what is allowed here.

    At their November meeting, the CMSA board discussed the need to...
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    The end of my playing days.

    Hi all - It's not nice to have to post this,but i've been diagnosed with a strong possibility of having lung cancer. As a life long non-smoker,that's pretty ironic.
    It's not 100% certain yet,as i...
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    My take on Bach's G Minor Adagio

    Hello! I just posted a new video yesterday playing the Adagio from Bach's G Minor Sonata. I will be trying to post a video every month of a new Bach piece that I've been working on. Enjoy this...
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    The Jethro Burns Lessons online

    I don't think this resource has been mentioned here in awhile (could be wrong, but all I found was a post from 2011 when Jim Nikora announced the addition of Mike O'Connell's recordings to the...
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    Original music for SOLO Mandocello

    Mandocello fans, here it is!
    A few months ago, I started a quest for solo music composed specifically on the mandocello to present at the CMSA Convention. No transcriptions, no bowed cello suites,...
  6. Experimental mandola with internal horn, neutral tension bridge

    I just finished building an experimental mandola.
    I was worried… this whole instrument was an experiment, in two major respects:
    1) I built an exponential horn into the internal body structure...
  7. The Pink Panther - Solo Mandolin Arrangement (Tab)

    I couldn't get the percussive mutes of the intro in the tab without it looking confusing and messy so I left them out. It shouldn't be too hard to...
  8. Re: IBMA Mandolin Player of the Year Finalists for 2018

    For the perennially displeased you can rectify the selection process by paying IBMA's membership fee so you can add your vote. It's selection by members, not an ad hoc committee pondering the ad...
  9. New collection of original mandolin tunes, free download

    I've just published my new tunebook, May Frost: 64 Original Mandolin Tunes (with harmony parts and guitar chords) and it's available as a free download from my Mandotopia site.

    Here's the link:...
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    Che Apalache

    Interesting band from Buenos Aires using bluegrass instruments to play Latin music.

    I don't know them but like this video and heard from a Baltimore old time and bluegrass email I subscribe to.
  11. and some of us think 8 strings are a hand full

    short history on this man. years ago I was in black mountain, nc. this was long before I ever attempted to make musical notes on anything. black mountain, nc is a mountain top very small town. 2...
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    Re: Mandola and standard notation reading

    I made a kinda/sorta variant of that for myself, maybe other people will find it useful as well. Printable PDF file, has the usual MandolinCafe black preview but it's a normal file:


  13. New Name and Location for Tejon Street Music

    Just a heads up for folks who shop at John and Sean Ramsey’s business in Colorado Springs, CO.

    Apparently they’ve changed the name of their store to Avenue Guitars and have moved to Manitou...
  14. Re: Counterfeit D'Addario Strings from Amazon

    As Mike said, it is required to get through customs.. These are being shipped to the Amazon warehouse, directly from China. This makes it easy to catch. The bigger problem comes, when there is an...
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    Thank You

    Thanks to each and every one of you.
    You made me laugh.
    You made me smile.
    A couple of times you made me cry.
    You guided me.
    You taught me.
    You made me look at life in a different light. ...
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    Re: Don't Give your Heart to a Rambler

    Since he’s not around to defend his actions (or deny them) I don’t see any point in speaking ill of the dead. His old band members and those who knew him cansay what they please, I agree with Allen,...
  17. Girouard mandolins, the 'Cafe, and gratitude...

    About two years ago in a fit of downsizing I foolishly sold this unique and wonderful Girouard A5, lacquered redwood over spectacular quilted maple:
    These pieces of playable art come and...
  18. Re: Curious about the Bluegrass mandolin market segment

    I enjoy bluegrass but don't play it. I like to play other things. This may be a skill issue but, bluegrass isn't something I'm particularly motivated to play (at the moment).

  19. Strange Museum Find - WWI Helmet-Mandolin

    Hello gang, in addition to podcasting about history and music for families, I also work as an educator at The Frazier History Museum in Louisville, KY. Yesterday our curator called me and told me I...
  20. Re: Is the electric guitar dying, taking Gibson and others with i

    I find it refreshing that, for once, cooler heads are prevailing on the forum than in the original news story. As Austin Bob just pointed out, the electric guitar is not dying, any more than the...
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    Re: Happy Birthday Mr. Dawg

    Note from the Dawg into our email inbox. He asked us to post this as he hasn't done posting with attachments. Here it is!

    Many thanks to all y'all!! I've been told it's better to give than to...
  22. Thread: So There

    by Roger Moss

    So There
  23. New Youtube Channel: Blake, Hartford, other amazing audio!

    Just found this Youtube channel with some excellent Norman soundboard solo shows, like this one!

    Too many other great recordings to mention here-...
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    John Lawlor "chord melody Tuesday"

    With a tip of the hat to Aaron Weinstein and his chord melody Tuesday series, I thought I would post one for the tenor players here by John Lawlor.....
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    Re: "Space age flat pick" I-Tone

    Nice to know a cursory glance of that page and we learn the Mandolin Cafe has not cornered the market in bluster. Carry on.

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