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  1. Re: David Crosby comments on tuning in Fretboard Journal

    When I played in a Concert Band we tuned to the oboe. This is because the oboe has the least amount of tuning flexibility/range of all instruments.
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    Re: Long Scale Mandolin?

    18” is too long to get a .008 to mandolin ‘E’ pitch. I have had success getting .007 to mandolin ‘E’ at 17.5” but I have to nervously bring the tension up over a few hours. Even on my 17” scale...
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    Re: Post a picture of what's on your bench?

    A family affair! All GDAE & all three octaves covered. Banjo-Mandolin 17.5" to 18.5" scale, Tenor Banjo 23.5" to 24.5" & Bass banjo 29" to 31.5". The Mandolin is built to double as a short scale...
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    Re: One instrument to serve two octaves

    I added a photo of it to the - What's on my bench thread.
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    Re: Post a picture of what's on your bench?

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    One instrument to serve two octaves

    I started off on the tenor guitar a few years ago so whenever I tried Mandolin I found my fingers were too scrunched up so I ordered a special built 17" mahogany mandola & tuned it up to Mandolin. To...
  7. Re: Sound Smith Hollow Body Electric Ukulele - tiny TG candidate?

    Well the d'addario .007's arrived yesterday from Germany. I bought 15 of them just to be sure to have enough spares. I put one onto the 17.5" E on my newly built banjo Mandolin, went very slowly &...
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    Re: Small archtop

    A nice way to compensate for neck dive!
  9. Re: Sound Smith Hollow Body Electric Ukulele - tiny TG candidate?

    To get Mandolin tuned 'E' string I use d'addario .007 plain. I tune it to 'E'flat, let it settle for a few hours then SLOWLY bring it up to 'E'. I always keep lots of spares due to the occasional...
  10. Re: Recommendations for a great Jazz tenor guitar?

    I’m thinking outside the box here. Blackbird make a composite type of guitar that they claim to be a very good gypsy style guitar. Maybe they could build you a custom tenor to your specs. I was...
  11. Re: Sound Smith Hollow Body Electric Ukulele - tiny TG candidate?

    I have two of them & I think that they are terrible. I hacked out some of the bracing on them & put them to mandolin tuning which improved them a bit. I got one for me & one for friend but it is too...
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    Re: A recent pair of tenor guitars

    Nigel it looks like you gave up a promising career in photography to become a luthier. You chose well :-) 2 lovely guitars!
  13. Re: Looking to Commission Carbon Fiber Mando (1 1/4" nut)

    I’ve made a good few banjos out of bamboo, There are bamboo guitars out there. It’s a very stable material & well worth a try on a mandolin build.
  14. Re: Bridge placement for correct intonation

    @j. Condino The body & neck are already made. I just need to put the fretboard on & figure out the frets to meet the precise bridge location. I have a 31” resonator bass that is in GDAE 5ths that I’m...
  15. Bridge placement for correct intonation

    This thread could also be in CBOM. Im making a 5ths tuned 4 string instrument GDAE two octaves below mandolin with a 30.5 to 32 multi-scale or can-fret. Im going to try for light gauges so for...
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    Re: No frills vs fancier mandolins

    25 years ago the guitarist in our band worked as the head luthier for one of the big guitar companies. When they developed any improvements such as new pickups they would always put them into their...
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    Re: Recording King Tenor

    What you need Ed is to get Jill to put up a few more sound clips so you can get fired up again!
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    Re: REELS: What are your favorites?

    With each key change I have a new favourite reel
  19. Re: What artist/album got you started with Trad?

    Back in 69 when I was 9 dad bought me an old Hohner C&C# accordion. There was nobody for me to learn from in Melbourne, he hadn’t a clue so he stuck me in the corner of the lounge with the...
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    Re: Just so excited!!!

    I got a hard case with my Eastwood classic tenor that’s a good fit. Maybe you could try Eastwood for one of those cases.
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    Re: Kala and Ibanez

    I imagine that if I was to go for a guitar tuned dgbe I'd Probably look for the dot on the 9th fret. My thinking is if the dot is on the 9th then the bridge saddle is more likely to be angled to take...
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    Re: 2018 Frank Tate tenor guitar!

    Nicely done Jill. I've a huge soft spot for tunes that go right down to the bottom range of the instrument & that guitar is well able for it.
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    Re: My Blueridge Woes - Part III

    I haven’t noticed this thread before now. My first guitar was the good old Harley Benton. Because it was a totally new experience (I’m a former accordion/sax player) I didn’t notice that it had an...
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    Re: HB Tenor Guitar

    My first guitar was this Harley Benton tenor, hence my username on this forum. It’s a great little guitar, well built & well worth the money. I’ve found that it prefers CGDA tuning. One of the tuning...
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    Re: I've gone to the dark side

    I prefer a wound A (GDAE) but you won’t get a wound string to go onto the E. Not unless you use a tape-wound nylon string, which I have by the way but haven’t tried it yet (with a full set of...
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