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    Re: I Want to Be Happy

    Wonderful stuff, Don! Reminds me of a great old trio version with Lester Young and Nat Cole I was hearing way, way back. :)
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    Re: This Masquerade

    Really nice job, Mark! Thanks for posting.
  3. Re: Autumn Leaves - Mandolin Chord Melody [Tab]

    Thanks, James! Yeah, I think in this case they really were there just for the music. We were all jazz nerds. :redface:

    As for the Mercedes, I thought I remembered something about Miles getting a...
  4. Re: Autumn Leaves - Mandolin Chord Melody [Tab]

    Good question, James. I remember Cannonball's version (with the minor 6th vamp), but didn't recall that the trumpet there was Miles. The version we all heard in high school was quicker, and started...
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    Re: Major chord arpeggios

    There's already been lots of good discussion here, but I'll add my two cents. When some people talk about "learning the scale" they mean learning to play the notes going up and down in alphabetical...
  6. Re: Autumn Leaves - Mandolin Chord Melody [Tab]

    Well, nearly the same generation anyway, Sue. It was around the mid-fifties that Autumn Leaves was a big international hit. I remember hearing the glitzy piano version by Roger Williams back then,...
  7. Re: Autumn Leaves - Mandolin Chord Melody [Tab]

    Thank you, Sue, that's nice to hear. I wonder if your Mom and I are from the same generation; I had a teacher in grade school that loved the song and taught all us 10-year-olds to sing it. That'd...
  8. Re: Brac In the mandolin Family. Balkan Instrument

    Me neither. :)

    But actually brac belongs to the tamburitza family, often discussed here on the Cafe.
  9. Re: Getting Small Chubby Hand/Wrist to Reach Around

    I thoroughly agree that you should get in-person lessons to get started. But from what you've said here, it may be that you're trying to hold the mandolin in your lap, or at any rate way too low. ...
  10. Re: Autumn Leaves - Mandolin Chord Melody [Tab]

    Hope it's OK if I join this party!

    Here's a mandolin and guitar version I recorded about 15 years ago. (Guitar on Tuesday, mandolin on Wednesday.)

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    Re: From Violin to Mandolin - Questions

    Nice to have you aboard, LH!

    Yes, you can play the cello suites on mandolin directly from any of the various published violin editions.
  12. Re: A couple of position questions - trying to unlock the fretboa

    The pentatonic scale moves by major seconds and minor thirds. When going up or down a second, use (as always) the next finger. When going up or down a third, skip (as always) one finger.

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    Re: Some Choros recorded by us

    Like a lot of us, I'm not playing much at all these days, Michael. A few years ago I was still playing jams and gigs of all sorts. Then I "retired" to Vancouver Island, and it's been pretty slow...
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    Re: Some Choros recorded by us

    Nice to hear you and the band again, Michael. Great tunes and a good group feel, plus some excellent mandolin moments. I especially enjoyed your Chorando baixinho, one of my favourites going back...
  15. Re: Luthier for Fouchetti-period mandoline? Or Bortolazzi style?

    Lute builder Daniel Larson has built some 18th century Vinaccia model mandolins, and is a gut strings supplier. I'm not sure if he's still at it, but he'd be worth contacting.
  16. Re: Observations about a Calace on Reverb please?

    Agreed. Here's a nicer one on a Watanabe I used to own.
  17. Re: Song John Reischman plays in Fretboard Journal

    Another great old Pixinguinha tune. I'm used to playing it in C, but the people I play with now want it in F.

    Nice to hear John and John again! Thanks for that link, Mike.

    For contrast, here's...
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    Re: Bowlbacks of Note

    Right John. Mine is no. 2002, on the Italian language label. I thought we had had somewhere a thread on Ceccherini labels and numbers, but can't find it now.
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    Re: Bowlbacks of Note

    Interesting! The label lists agents in Germany, plus a London agent Collard and Collard, but the Internet seems to know them purely as piano dealers. So probably a pretty marginal mandolin...
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    Re: Dean Martin's Volare

    Great tune. You've made a good start here with the chorus, in A major. The other section is the verse, and it'll start on low C# (sixth fret on the G strings). First phrase goes:
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    Re: Repertoire suggestions?

    One of the big hits for anything plus guitar.

    (Just in case, the link is
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    Re: Counting Tree Growth Lines ?

    Some info on the use of tree-ring dating in the violin world:
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    Re: Calace method exercise 52

    Interesting question, but not easy to sort out. It looks to me like the rule given on p. 4 (that tremolo on a new string must begin with a down stroke) will decide the answer in some passages. In...
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    Re: 1910 Mandolin

    And thanks, Jim, for making some sense out of this strange conversation. I was hoping the OP, as owner of the instrument, could tell us a little about it. Not gonna happen, it seems.
  25. Re: Where does the strap go on a Strad-o-lin (no end button)?

    When I owned a Stradolin I just played it with no strap. But I seem to recall the Strad tailpiece included a little channel that I always imagined was meant to take a piece of cord about the size of...
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