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  1. Re: Ripping LP Records to Mac - negligible mandolin content

    turntable to phillips burner to a re-writable music CD. I change the track every song. Cd then gets imported to itunes where I name the tracks and album and add art work. Then erase the re-writable...
  2. Re: eBay seller refuses return - what would you do?

    I would say that the item was not described well enough to form an opinion about what is and what is not reasonable condition for "used" If they are just finish cracks I would tend to accept them as...
  3. Re: eBay seller refuses return - what would you do?

    Sez in the listing "seller does NOT offer returns" so there you go.
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    Re: Jacob Jolliff

    Here is the thing about Jake. Picking in my living room, Jake makes me feel/sound Like a professional. (I'm Not!). Picking with his father and sister at the coffee house in Newberg, OR, he makes his...
  5. Re: Lessons? i cant decide if i should take them...

    Green, ... I can't comment on the Marshall lessons and likely wouldn't get into comparison if I did. I only know that for ME the Flinner material was invaluable.
  6. Re: Lessons? i cant decide if i should take them...

    You should seriously consider taking the upcoming mandolin series offered by Matt Flinner Here:
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    Re: Anyone know what this tune's called?

    sounds like "Home sweet home" to me
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    Re: Moving to Portland OR - Suggestions Wanted

    start here
  9. Re: Searching LIVE version of "Don't look back" by Newgrass Reviv
    scroll down to NGR view set list or stream
    right click to download
  10. Re: Who plays an A style in bluegrass or even old time music?

    Pretty broad question. In addition to their F, most of the bluegrassers I know have and play, (on occasion) an A mandolin. In oldtime most of the people I know have and prefer an A oval hole and...
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    Re: Murphy Method?

    I like Murphy, used it for banjo. I would highly recommend Matt Flinner's winter course starting on the Jan. 7th, for 200 bucks you will get about 20 (or so) tunes and Matt is one of the Best...
  12. Re: All my friends blew up on the internet (Jake Joliff)

    Gone viral, Hrumpffff. Here is one that went viral 265,514 views.
    Jake is a
  13. Re: getting a rogue, converting to lefty. Question on the nut..

    Sand about 1/16 off the bridge top and glue a piece back on and re-intonate, for what you are doing, any hardwood would work.
    Or, Build a Red Henry bridge. Various woods give different results. you...
  14. Re: Ricky Skaggs in Wall Street Journal 11/16/13

    Ron Spears with James King .... What else can you say? ........
  15. Re: Ricky Skaggs in Wall Street Journal 11/16/13

    Hard to beat the Roy Lee Centers version with Duffey on the high tenor. also loved the Vince Gill/Grissman/Pederson on Here Today ...
  16. Re: Just for fun.. Who are your top 5 living mandolinists?

    what is the definition of best?
    my favorites are
    Jake Jolliff
    Matt Flinner
    Ron Spears
    Frank Solvine
  17. Re: Looking for an easy jig to help me learn jig picking

    you probably know "irish washer woman" terrible song But quite easy to start and you already can hum it right?
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    Re: Free V-Picks - Right Here

    OK, I'm IN ....
  19. Re: Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver- Carolina in the Pines

    Composed by Michael Martin Murphey
  20. Re: Musician's Friend's "Stupid Deal of the Day"

    While I prefer to shop locally when practical, I must say that I have NEVER felt cheated, overcharged, or the victim of poor customer service in my dealings with Musicians Friend. Set up can be a...
  21. Re: Does the Fretboard extension effect the tone significantly

    I have a 96 Flatiron with the integrated top and a 96 flatiron with the usual. The integrated is a much better box. Everything is a variable. They all sound different no way to predict.
  22. Re: Why did bluegrass come to dominate American string band music

    [QUOTE=johnhgayjr;1131288]Here's your answer...

    The video is hardly typical of Acuff in the string band years. More representative of the pap that became country in the 70's and 80's

  23. Re: Washburn M118SWK - exchange predicament, need some advice

    Both well respected on the cafe ..... give them a call and chat with them. I would go the 315. Price is right and it seems to be just what you want. Just my opinion.
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    Re: Portland OR setup.

    Cartwright is in Salem now and he is still the Go to Guy Good and Fair
  25. Thread: Backup

    by Jean Fugal

    Re: Backup

    Do what the guitar player is Not doing. If he/she is playing basic rhythms, play some fills ... If the guitar is l playing a lot of bass walks and fills, play basic rhythm. Listen to some Skaggs and...
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