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  1. Re: Grand daughter is a Lefty - Help needed converting RH to LH

    Thank you for the replies. I am going to get her a mandolin and we will see how it goes before converting.
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    Re: Another rave about the CA bridge

    My Eastman 505 experienced a noticeable improvement with the CA Bridge. I would say it is probably the best upgrade for a lower end solid wood mandolin. A $500-$700 mandolin wouldn't come stock with...
  3. Re: New CA bridge installed on my Eastman 615-WOW !

    Got one ordered. Fitting it should be a learning experience for me. Looks like lots of good info out there so it shouldn't be rocket surgery. :)
  4. Thread: Kimble #244

    by rdb8847

    Kimble #244

    Took delivery today. It is absolutely a fantastic mandolin. My level of ability will probably never match the caliber of this instrument. I am committed to wearing frets out trying:)
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