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  1. Re: Virtual Shop Tour(s)... I'll show you mine

    I appropriated a corner of the pantry/laundry room. I have access to power tools in town, but what you see is what I have at home. The tool chest is my version of the North Bennett Street School’s...
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    Re: Rosewood and shellac

    This is a follow up post. Mr. Nava’s suggestion was spot on. In the end I used a 1 lb cut of super blonde shellac and just quickly wiped the bindings. A few applications like this, and I was then...
  3. truss rod pocket and headstock overlay

    How do people cut the hole in the headstock overlay to get at the truss rod pocket? My truss rod slot is cut. I have an LMII truss rod that I am about to put in, though it isn't yet installed. It...
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    Re: Binding headstock

    Andrew Mowry wrote a great article about binding an F-5 in the Spring 2013 issue of American Lutherie. It's very detailed, well illustrated, and answers many questions I hadn't thought of.
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    Re: Truss rod preferences

    Oh, I definitely think your truss rod is a good value. I think maybe you misread my comment; I said I have NO problem with paying $20 for your truss rod. I'm spending enough money on tools and...
  6. tennis racket bag for mandolin case cover

    I just bought a Collings MT with a factory Collings-TKL case, and I'd like to get a tennis racket bag to use when traveling to keep the case in good shape. I went to a tennis shop the other day and...
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