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  1. Excellent feature on a superb podcast!

    Excellent feature on a superb podcast!
  2. Re: Article: Nashville Cat Dominick Leslie's been Playing Since h

    Thank you for this lovely feature! Dominick has been a personal favorite over the last few years as he is truly brilliant and endlessly inspiring.
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    Re: Mandola songs?

    Adrian Gross has been posting some nice mandola content on FB lately.
  4. Re: Gibson opposes Collings' headstock trademark registration, ci

  5. Re: Kalamazoo Mandolin Mystery--zippier sound hole binding

    I have also seen a few KG-11 guitars with this spec, but not a mandolin to my knowledge or memory. With this said, Gibson staff was notorious for using what it had available at-hand on any given day....
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    Re: Live from Here is no more

    Tough to swallow this news. Ugh.
  7. Re: Anyone order an EML pick lately?

    Just wanted to update this quick... my EML pick arrived and it's beautiful (in both looks and tone). Regarding my initial question... These picks are made to order and have a bit of a lag in shipping...
  8. Anyone order an EML pick lately?

    I ordered an EML casein pick on 7/12/19... I received pre-shipment tracking that day, but no other updates since. I contacted the maker by email late last week, but still no word. Has anyone ordered...
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