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    Re: Mandolin Information

    Allen, I think you may be mistaken about the bridge being glued, I think it’s simply resting on that top. The mandolin is not hanging as one might assume but lying on its back top facing up. I may be...
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    Re: Just read "MANDOLIN PRICING"

    So now the full truth is out. You had not just the Head Luthier, but actually, really Shmergel himself in the vehicle? Wow! I am surprised you even needed to go to the airport. I would imagine...
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    Re: Bowl back mandolin

    Unusual to have a full circular soundhole—most have ovals. This is a lower-end mandolin, probably sold by the half-dozens to be relabeled by stores. I don't recognize the headstock but my hunch is...
  4. Re: Rare Circular Shaped Tuning Machine German Made Mandolin

    The best description I could imagine is "design fail".
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    Re: Just read "MANDOLIN PRICING"

    Although photographed many times, Shmergel is mysteriously never visible. The enigma lives on.
  6. Thread: Jerry Capehart

    by JoseM.

    Re: Jerry Capehart

    Allen thanks for response.

    Fortunately there are many Gretsch strngs for mandolin, banjo, violin, and guitar that came with the insruments package. I agree about light gauge for the Mandriola. ...
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    Re: Vega Mando Banjolele

    Thanks so much Allen,

    The thread you linked shows an identical instrument from the nut down - same neck, 7.5" pot and "Style K" on the dowel. The pot and dowel have matching serial numbers.

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    Re: 1898 Martin Style 6. What should I do?

    Well thanks everyone for your input. I was able to trade it for a 1946 Gibson LG-2 and a some $$. Which made me quite happy as it went to capable hands, and the work the Gibson needs is well within...
  9. Re: 1929 Martin Style C Mandolin with side crack - Worth fixing?

    These are muy coolioso, Allen, but the caveat I'll remind folks of is that the width of the Waverly Cloud tailpiece cover varied.

    Ask me how I know. :(

    I've got a small box of them and they...
  10. Re: Dose anyone know anything about this mandolin or its value

    Apologize for taking so long about getting back to the thread but I've been trying to get the information that's inside the Mandolin it's just been hard getting in touch with person that put it up...
  11. Re: Dose anyone know anything about this mandolin or its value

    Oh, no worries. You have a right to your opinion, as do we all, and it's good to b e reminded now and then to mind what we say, because it's easy enough to get carried away with the repartée. We can...
  12. Re: Dose anyone know anything about this mandolin or its value

    @ Mr. Bear et al: No, I think the OP could easily feel he’s been mocked. One can only take witty chances with those we know well. To the second point: I imagine he wasn’t keen to go back and check...
  13. Re: Comments on the Value of Gibson A4 Mandolin with hard case

    Actually selling: in the $2000's, maybe up to $2800 or so for paddleheads.
    Not selling: any paddlehead listed above $3000. I can cite 3 or 4 at established dealers that have been sitting unsold...
  14. Re: Dose anyone know anything about this mandolin or its value

    While I agree that is a good approach, I disagree with the assertion that we've been inordinately demeaning in our assessments. I think we have concentrated on the instrument in our fun-making and...
  15. Re: Dose anyone know anything about this mandolin or its value

    Actually IMHO I thought almost all of the comments were direct and to the point and not belittling the OP. It is our responsibility to set people straight. The humor was directed at the obviously...
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    Re: 1898 Martin Style 6. What should I do?

    Such a great image of a mule spinning.... I guess first cousin to cow tipping?
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    Re: Picking Fiddle Tunes?

    Am I the only one who feels that most people posting in this thread are wa-a-ay overthinking this?
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    Re: 1898 Martin Style 6. What should I do?

    Allen: all the information from the excellent Longworth book (which I also own) was incorporated into the two volume Martin Guitar set by Richard Johnston & Dick Boak, published in 2008/9. That where...
  19. Re: Can anyone please help to identify this? Thanks

    That looks right -- thanks, Allen! The one Jake Wildwood shows looks like a pricier instrument, with nicer purfling, etc., but the headstock, body shape and some other aspects of the two instruments...
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    Re: Is this really a Gibson?

    Yes, when does it stop being a Gibson? I have an axe that belonged to my grandfather. My father broke the handle and had to replace it, the head wore out so I replaced that but it’s still my...
  21. Re: Ukrainian Mandolin - Fred Elchuk Winnipeg Manitoba

    Says “Fyodor Elchuk, Winnipeg, Ma(nitoba), Canada, 1936”
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    Re: Larson Brothers?

    I propose a catch-all term for wannabee and near-miss Larson-looking about Larson Era? In the manner of Loar Era, along with Lawsuit Guitars, and the latest, Chibson.......;)
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    Re: F.E. Coulter instruments

    Thanks Allen. Your assumption is correct. Much of that info comes from the Cafe.
    I thought this would be the place to ask, as a number of members have (or have had) them.
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    Re: Temperature and Outdoor Gigs

    This is a really good point... My 2002 F-9 has a very soft finish. When I first got it used I noticed immediately that the previous owner had finger rash all around the treble F-hole as well as arm...
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    Re: mandolin banjo - anyone's 2 cents

    You do have to wonder though when you buy a new instrument and your second piece of advice is Put a sock in it! ;)
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