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    Re: Sheet Music w/Lyrics and Chords

    I'm not familiar with that app, but in your print dialog window, will it let you choose "Save as PDF" or "print to file" or something similar for the destination instead of an actual physical...
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    Re: Tabledit Question about tied notes

    For normal conditions, the following works for me anyway, using a slightly older version of TablEdit (v2.78b1c). This technique might not be effective if the music has timing errors though.

  3. Re: Complete Bach 1st Cello Suite - ukulele in 5ths tuning

    Nice! :mandosmiley:
  4. Re: Brac In the mandolin Family. Balkan Instrument

    Unfortunately, that link is for Facebook people only. :( It won't work for the rest of us, as it requires Facebook log-in to view the page. I have no intention of ever becoming one of the Facebook...
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    Re: A / Am / A7 chords?

    Same here. I don't have a whole lot of choice, as arthritis reduces my options. Although I go for more open strings rather than barres.

    I call that efficient, :mandosmiley: :grin: :) *not*...
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    Re: A / Am / A7 chords?

    Huh... can't find it on Google Play. There are some similarly-named things though. Maybe I just missed it. Oh well.

    I was just hoping for a little improvement on my existing Android chord app,...
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    Re: A / Am / A7 chords?

    Are there any Android or Windows or Linux or Mac desktop versions of that particular app?
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    Re: Describe your MAS progression

    1. Cheap one. Because "it was there" and already had strings on it, so I picked it up to play it. It was the only mandolin in the house at the time. Horrible, horrible instrument. Awful. Awful! Old...
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    Re: Gender and age distribution of mando players

    My understanding [1] is that Google Analytics gender data is dependent on user-supplied info which may or may not be accurate, depending on whether the user chooses to supply their real name, real...
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    Sticky: Re: Thread for Social Group MP3 posting

    Addenda to Song-A-Week 412 "The Mouse In The Mug" :grin:

  11. Re: Ceilidh Band in Lockdown (WARNING: non-mandolin content...)

    Very nice! :mandosmiley:
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    Re: Why do you like the picks you like?

    Well... since you asked... :) this is why I choose the picks I do:

    Tone. Prefer mellow, not tinkly.

    Smooth edges that don't require me to take sandpaper to them to keep them from...
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    Re: Are All Lloyd Loars Dropping In Price?

    I'd say that in a not-insignificant percentage of instances, the instruments will go to heirs desperate for cash who sell everything cheap just to pay the bills and feed their kids for a little while...
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    Re: Daily Cleaning Routine

    A quick 2-second wipedown of the strings after playing.

    Unfortunately, my remarkably extraordinary superhuman ;) string-corrosion ability has not diminished with age. But, unlike other...
  15. Re: Does anyone like the new green blue chip picks?

    Perfectly safe if you use the Shmergel Coin currency payment system, now with patented Fraud Punishment System (TM) which automatically detects frauds and then takes the money out of the scammer's...
  16. Re: Does anyone like the new green blue chip picks?

    :grin: Speaking of green edible pick-shaped things... the animated series "Sherwood" (S1E2) has a whole tray full of freshly-baked jumbo pick-cookies which seem to feature some sort of anti-slip...
  17. Re: What's that white thing on the Bobby Osborne's nut?

    Agree about some sort of paper shim.

    Here's a magnified view of part of a frame from the video, shows one of the strings crossing atop the white shim. Click the pic once or twice to make...
  18. Re: Mandolinists RIOTING over unfair String License fee

    As near as I can figure out from skimming through a bunch of stuff today, it looks like bombarde and oboe are all related to a family of instruments called "shawm", and - if I'm reading this stuff...
  19. Re: Mandolinists RIOTING over unfair String License fee

    Yeah the video project kept me busy for awhile. :grin:

    But now, I'm between projects again :( (hate that), need to decide what to work on next.

    Options include the usual more-normal music...
  20. Re: Mandolinists RIOTING over unfair String License fee

    :)) Lol I had to look that up. Yeah, a bit shrill, reminds me of other types of similar-sounding instruments from other countries.

    Here's a guy on YouTube describing one (I like his voice) :) and...
  21. Re: Mandolinists RIOTING over unfair String License fee

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words. :)

    Especially for trombone-playing 4-legged felines. ;) :)) (It was the least-boring clipart I could find.) But yeah...

    You're welcome. :)
  22. Re: Article: Introducing GreenChip Picks by BlueChip

    Excellent! :mandosmiley:

    And Wikipedia says there actually is a "Research Triangle" :disbelief: in North Carolina... of course, given the date, I looked up that little detail :whistling: before...
  23. Re: Mandolinists RIOTING over unfair String License fee

    :grin: :)
  24. Mandolinists RIOTING over unfair String License fee

    Never thought I'd see the day when usually-calm mandolin players take to protesting and rioting in the streets, but here we are. Video:

    (or direct...
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    Re: Baroque Lute music for Ukecello

    Nice! I especially like it from "Balleto" starting at 01:40 and onwards. :mandosmiley:
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