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    Re: Show off your back side

    180140 My Collings180141
  2. Re: Very sad - Topanga Banjo Fiddle site burned down in the fires

    The Western Town was destroyed, but the festival will be held at Paramount at the usual time (May 19).

    The main stage area was not...
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    Re: V Neck shape on Collings

    Early Collings were rather annoying in that respect, thin and sharp V necks. I am a big Collings fan, but I sold several because of the neck shape, serial numbers were low hundreds, one in the 90s....
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    Re: Collings Customer Service

    Collings makes great instruments and puts abysmal tuners on them. I replaced the tuners on two of them (MT and MT2). Looks like you need to buy an MF5 Deluxe to get decent tuners.
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    Re: Help with a solo performance?

    I would play a mandola, which will work perfectly for the setting you describe (unaccompanied solo instrumentals) and satisfies the "mandolin" criterion. The 5th down solves the plinkiness and...
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    Re: Jigs on my Rigel G-110

    Sweet recording, sounds great. Really well done.

    I have a Rigel myself, a nice sounding A+, but rather quiet. Main mandolin is a custom Collings F, so no flat tops here. For pub sessions, I take...
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    Re: Four videos with my brother

    Very nice videos. Great sound and picture quality, too, thanks for putting good stuff like that on youtube. Nice juxtaposition of American style/instrumentation, even starts that sound very...
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    Re: Nut slot too low - E strings only

    These rattles are usually caused by minuscule amounts of slots getting too low. Hardly ever worth cutting a new nut if it is otherwise in good shape. What I have done many times, always very...
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    Re: Bass guitar in Celtic music

    No agreement that it is very well done and sounds very smooth and professional. The concertina gives it a slightly different texture, but I can understand that some are turned off by the background...
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    Re: Not Bluegrass but wow

    Great performance, outstanding vocals. Even though genre-hopping tributes tend to be somewhat of a gimmick (dog walking on two legs), those guys are so good that whatever they play stands on its...
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    Re: Hot Rize at the Grammy Museum in LA

    Great venue, lots of potential, but an abysmal format. A tedious interview that took most of the time and less than a short CD worth of live music, leaving me (and probably most of the audience) not...
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    Re: Looking for a 'big' mandolin

    Mandolins are not necessarily that quiet, just project forward, so others may already hear the mandolinist more than they want to. A beginner showing up with a resonator? About as obnoxious as a...
  13. Re: Collings MF O (oval hole), who has one/thoughts of it

    We have a Collings MT 0 that is very popular in our house (preferred over a number of more expensive instrument). An unusual voice, compared to any f-hole Collings (I have an F Deluxe, previously had...
  14. Re: looking for open sessions or jams in Dublin, Ireland

    In Dublin, Cobblestone has strong ITM session every night. Owner plays himself until he needs to take care of the bar. We went there Monday and Tuesday this week, my son has a fiddle with him and...
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    Re: motorcycle ride with mandolin

    In fact, with the mandolin as packed, I am 9 inches narrower than a BMW 1200 or HD Road King without anything.
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    Re: motorcycle ride with mandolin

    No, there is absolutely no problem with that and I do lane sharing. Do you think English traffic jams are worse than Los Angeles?

    Remember, as I said in my post, the mandolin in the back is...
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    Re: Father & son play together

    In our pub session, it (or other slides/single jigs) end up being played a bit snappier, too, but I really like this particular tune at a very relaxed pace, makes it a really sweet tune.
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    Re: motorcycle ride with mandolin

    My National going to a regular session tonight. I also have a gig back with backpack strap, would be easier, but then just for that very, very unlikely situation that might occur, I'd rather not have...
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    Re: Father & son play together

    My son came home from college yesterday (and really just for a day, he's already off to Europe) and we played a few tunes. Was a nice thing to do sitting out in the backyard. He mainly plays fiddle...
  20. Re: Cordoba Announces Plan to Purchase Guild from Fender

    I have a Heritage Eagle and it may be the most played guitar in the house (and there are many), so it suits us well. A fine utilitarian instrument, not particularly loved, but used. Like many...
  21. Re: What mandolins does the LA Phil play in Corigliano Symphony

    Actually, Guido Lamell, the LA Phil member who organized the mando quartet, was looking for volume. Think about how many threads there are on the cafe how people want a loud instrument for small...
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    Re: Orange Blossom Special on the Mandolin

    As impressive as the techniques displayed are in those videos (or similar fiddle videos), Orange Blossom Special is more like a novelty number than a tune. So I don't find anything worth listening to...
  23. Re: F2 repeatedly broken headstock - time for a new neck?

    Impossible to know what might have been done in the past. I bought the instrument from Elderly more than a decade ago, the only known repair or work at the instrument was at the headstock then. Even...
  24. Re: F2 repeatedly broken headstock - time for a new neck?

    Just picked up the mandolin with a new neck, plays and looks great. Craig will post pics of the repair soon.
  25. Re: What mandolins does the LA Phil play in Corigliano Symphony

    Let's say $500-900 mandolins at least by list price (my camping mandolin is the exception, $200 is about right).

    Reframes the idea of what constitutes a "professional mandolin", doesn't it?
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