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  1. Re: Odd Oscar Schmidt 12 string (four courses) mandolin

    I came upon a pre 20s Gibson A model 12 string in Mexico a few years back.
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    Re: Larson-Symphony Harp Mandola

    There is no absolute guarantee that it is a Larson made instrument. I don't see that little line of the fretboard below the binding that the Larsons commonly did and no one else seemed to do. I'm...
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    Re: Your average $150,000 guitar

    Those instruments from Taiwan seem to all originate from Vietnam. Is there actually a real person Tsai, or Bruce Wei? Having seen a number of their instruments and having bought one myself they are...
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    Re: Old Gibson A mandolin copy?

    You can go to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass and see 80 bands for free 1st weekend in October. Yah I remember 5 cent candy bars and 15 cent hamburgers, 27 cent gasoline. A little while back with my son at...
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    Re: Curly Seckler and the mandolin? What gives?

    Personally I can find no fault with Flatt and Scruggs as a bluegrass band. Alot of non musician singers use an instrument as a stage prop. Curly was one of those. He could chunk along on some chords...
  6. Re: Who makes A-style mandos that sound similar to Givens?

    Steve Weil in Idaho . Worked with Givens for years and continued making "Givens legacy" mandolins after Bob Givens' passing. Last I checked his mandolins seem to fall within your price range. I...
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    Re: Original cost of a Lloyd Loar F5

    Then as now, nobody pays list. As someone mentioned they knew someone that payed $225. That was maybe high - my music store purchases usually have come in at about -20 percent. That was still a lot...
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    Re: Original cost of a Lloyd Loar F5

    Anybody who searched for quality antique items ,musical instruments,furniture etc. say in the 1960's or 70s didn't travel the hills of Appalachia like people do now, they looked in cities where the...
  9. Re: Lowell Levinger with Little Steven & Disciples of Soul

    If the om your referring to is that big red Giacomel, it's not a om it's a 5 string tenor guitar. Banana recently had a son die and had another son die some years ago. Being on tour is probably a...
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    Re: Mando Fret work in SF/Marin?

    Eric is all dialed in to have done any kind of repair but also John at Amazing Grace in San Anselmo is also very good.
  11. Re: Going to Nashville, looking for a new mandolin...

    I wouldn't have said it out loud then but it's probably safe to say it now. If you were from out of state Stan Jay would sell you an instrument. You would walk out with the instrument and he would...
  12. Re: Do you bring your expensive mando to the bluegrass festival?

    Get a Tesla, climate control automatically comes on if interior temperature reaches 105 degrees. Good for dogs too! Thanks Oh, you spent all that money on a mandolin? Well then you should just carry...
  13. Re: Does anyone get depressed or even semi-suicidal when they hea

    Its not just listening to myself it's listening to others. The list is quite long but let's just say it starts with Jethro Burns and ends with some preteen brat kid that shows up somewhere and can...
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    Re: mandolins on television

    There is an episode of Snowfall where the guy who invented crack cocaine has an F5 hanging on his wall.
  15. Re: Tru oil finish got foggy after 3 years- any ideas?

    Was the case ever left where the sun could hit it---- like through a window? The sun is at a low angle now and what seemed like a safe spot before might have changed. I've fogged up a finish when my...
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    Re: Dylan With Mandolin in Hand

    Cheap with instruments? Dylan over the years has had an incredible number of vintage and non - vintage accustic guitars. Some fancy, some plain ,some off the shelf and some custom built. Then there...
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    Re: Dylan With Mandolin in Hand

    In the mid 80's there was a Martin 2-30 for sale at a music shop near me. I looked at it one day and the next day called and said that I wanted it. The owner replied "sorry Bob Dylan just bought it".
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    Re: Once owned by

    I have a set of scaffolding that was originally part of the Grateful Deads wall of sound. It's getting a little doddy now and I'm in the process of getting new scaffolding but the old stuff might...
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    Re: Fabric Softener for bending sides

    There is no reaction with finish materials? The softener would have to soak through the entire piece of wood and would stay there. I would worry that whatever chemical residue was left by the...
  20. Re: Did R.L. Givens ever build a "Gibson" A-5 copy?

    I've had both a Given's A6 and a Given's Legacy in my hands at the same time. They were in all ways identical-visually and tonally. Steve is a good builder. As to the Ode mandolins. I remember when...
  21. Re: Would like to sell my Gibson Loar A-Jr circa 1927 - how?

    I have a '27 a0 paddlehead with the little chrome screw in side bracket
    I believe they weren't "Jrs" anymore by '27.
  22. Re: On Reverb: 1920s Leland Brilliantone (Larson Bros.) mandocell

    I can't see anything that would make me think that this is a Larson build. Everyone wants their old stuff to be Larson.
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    Re: seeking ID on an unknown mandolin

    I think all those instruments that ship from Taiwan are made in Vietnam. Bought one myself some years ago and it would look good on a wall but other wise it was trash. The instrument in this thread...
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    Re: Less Collectible Gibson's

    I guess it depends on what "collectable" means to you. With the exception of a very few pristine examples pretty much any Gibson A model from almost any year is not particularly collectable. There...
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    Re: Loprinzi mandolin?

    I know of at least one f5 that he built in the early 70s.
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