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    Happy Friday!

    Fresh set of strings for picking all weekend. Is there a better feeling? Happy Friday all!
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    Re: Help: Paypal or venmo or selle?

    While Zelle can be offered by both banks (send and receiver side) it doesnít offer the same type of protections that a wire or ACH does. Reason is that Zelle transactions donít pass through a Federal...
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    Re: Taking up (a) Mandolin

    Add me to the list of those who took up mandolin in the last year. The birth of our first kid and the pandemic made me want to pick up a hobby that was much easier to go do as I knew getting out to...
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    Re: New Andrew Marlin Album

    Andrewís playing and songwriting got me into the mandolin. Heís an under appreciated genius in my mind

    Both of the new albums are moving and sublime. And the musicians he plays with clearly have...
  5. Re: A good reason to have more than one mandolin

    For me, mandolins are like good fly rods and steel bicycles. Impossible to own only one
  6. Re: New Eastman 305 - how long to play in, does tuning change?

    Congrats on getting the 305! Youíre going to love it. Gotta be hard to wait

    Iíve had mine for about a year, and to my ear, itís opened up a little bit, not dramatic just yet. Though I also have a...
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    Your first great mandolin

    Last Saturday was NMD for me as my "new to me" Northfield F5S arrived at my door. After letting it warm up from the cold trip across the country, I finally unboxed, basked in its beauty, and started...
  8. Eastman 305 and Northfield Calhoun comparison

    I have been fortunate enough this year (my first year playing) to acquire two of the more commonly recommended mandolins for beginners here on the Cafe, so hoping I can help out some of my fellow...
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