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  1. Don Stiernberg Quartet Online Concert Thursday 5/7 at 8 PM CST

    Here's one of the tunes you'll see if you come by online to dig our Live at Studio5 Online Concert tomorrow night. In addition to video highlights the show features the artist and hosts offering...
  2. Over and Out / Paul Glasse & Aaron Weinstein

    Here’s a fiairly new tune I wrote called Over and Out. It basically a blues with a bridge, in the key of F. I made a simple iPhone video of myself playing the melody and the very talented Aaron...
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    Re: Eva Scow - After You've Gone

    She is, without a doubt, one of the finest jazz musicians on mandolin. It certainly is tasty! Hot Fudge Sunday and chocolate chip cookies TASTY!

    She is a great advocate for the mandolin. Here's...
  4. Just One of Those Things...from Aaron Weinstein

    Well, it could always be worse...
  5. Après un rêve (Fauré), mandocello and piano

    Gabriel Fauré: Après un rêve (Op. 7 No. 1)

    Although written as a song with piano accompaniment, this piece is commonly played on cello. For my instrumental adaptation, I have played the melody on...
  6. "TAPS" chord melody...for Jethro Burns by Aaron Weinstein
  7. Aaron Weinstein plays "with" Sarah Vaughan
  8. I'll See You In My Dreams - Django transcribed for mandolin

    Hey Friends, long time no see, hope you all are well. Transcribed this last year for Steve Smith's mando camp, made a youtube video after and have had a few requests for the transcription. Thought...
  9. Everything's Coming Up Roses...chord melody

    Today is the 25th anniversary of Jule Styne's passing. Here's one of his songs:
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    The Great Pretender

    "The Great Pretender" was a big hit for The Platters in 1955, written by their manager, Buck Ram. Freddie Mercury also had a hit with it in the 1980s, but my favourite version is Richard Manual...
  11. Tin Pan Alley/Ragtime songs from Evelyn's Tunebook

    I've been a fan of the mandolin arrangements of Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni for a long time, and with the release of her third volume of her "Big Book For Mandolins" (Link), she has extended her range...
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    Bach's G Minor Fugue

    The next video in my monthly attempt at Bach pieces. Th G Minor Fugue! Picked a hard one for the shortest month, go figure :whistling:

    Thanks for watching!
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    JazzMando website to sunset soon

    With very much mixed emotions, I’m announcing the JazzMando website will be shutting down permanently in the next few weeks. It’s been a good run, nearly two decades, but the cost of upgrading its...
  14. New Chord Melody from Aaron Weinstein: Give Me the Simple Life
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    Chez Coucou - New EP

    My band released a new EP today.
    Check it out at our website:

    or on SoundCloud

    Hope you like it!...
  16. FREE chord melody lesson: LADY BE GOOD -from Aaron Weinstein
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    a post-xmas chord melody

    Here's a new, brief, extemporaneous chord melody for those who may be interested:
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    Should've posted this yesterday - I've already put it up over at the Song A Week Social group, but just in case anyone isn't a member over there, here's a nice East Galway reel called "Christmas...
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    Finger style Mandolin

    In the "favorite Electric Mandolin Albums or Artists?" thread there was this video:

    First of all ... WOW. Very cool stuff.

    So, my question......
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    Si maritau Rosa - mandolin and guitar

    Here is our version of this beautiful Sicilian song.
    Hope you like it
  21. Solace - A Mexican Serenade by Scott Joplin (1909)

    Ragtime played slooooow and gentle.

    Arranged for quartet of 2 mandolins, 8ve mandola and guitar.

    I have used the mandola mainly to emphasise the bass line. The piece could be played (with minor...
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    Song For My Father (slow) 100 bpm, vocal


    Hi -- Maria and the Mudkatz doing Horace Silver's "Song For My Father" via email tracks back and forth.

    It's long.

    Maria Valsi - vocal
    Hal Pettit - guitar(s)
    Gil Jusino - bass...
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    You Never Can Tell

    Long live Chuck Berry
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    Emil Ernebro & Erik Igelström - Just Friends

    Some nice playing here!
  25. Re: Choro Interpretations: Quando me Lembro by Luperce Miranda

    Here is another interperatation, by two sisters... Choro Das 3.. Enjoy!
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